A4 will be giving an iPad2 or $500 of Apps of your choice away to a member of the A4cwsn Facebook Community on Dec 22nd.

Here is what you need to do to qualify.

1. You must get at least 10 friends to Vote for the Dream on the left.
2. They must click on the image, Vote and confirm their email and then keep the confirmation email.
3. They need to come on to A4 and say I voted on behalf of “YOUR NAME”
4. If you are chosen as the winner of the iPad2, your friends must be able to show me the email confirmation.
5. The more votes you can get the better of course as the ultimate goal is to Win the contest and change 10 lives.

Remember people can vote with different email accounts, so get your entire family, school, college, work place to vote.

You have 72 hours, so get going


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