Below is a list of $10 iTunes gift Card recipients on the A4 Facebook Page


We give away an iTunes Card to a child with Special Needs, valued at $10 each weekday on our Facebook page, this runs until the end of 2012


2/1/12 Jamie Deller
2/2/12 Caren Sue Evans
2/3/12 Angel SweetPea
2/6/12 Jennifer Lee Higgs
2/7/12 Tiffany Mullings
2/8/12 Shannon Carter
2/9/12 Rumisha Rice
2/10/12 Jennifer Boyd
2/13/12 Tammy Davenport
2/14/12 Linda McCrane
2/15/12 Jennifer Rice
2/16/12 Aileen Kavanagh Kaiteris
2/17/12 Toby Price
2/20/12 Lynette Trease
2/21/12 Nhora Magill
2/22/12 Lori Dean
2/23/12 Pam Howard
2/24/12 Mary Costello
2/27/12 Michelle McNutt
2/28/12 Christine Panczyk
2/29/12 Silvia Perez
3/1/12 Marcey Compton
3/2/12 Ellen Hobart
3/5/12 Michele McNutt
3/6/12 Jessica Lawson
3/7/12 Tiffany Mullings
3/8/12 Rebecca Aman
3/9/12 Nancy Finley
3/12/12 Marcia Gustowski
3/13/12 Crystal Arevalo
3/14/12 Elizabeth Shea
3/15/12 Jenifer Wilson Corbett
3/16/12 Alana Stead
3/19/12 Debra Sayler Powell
3/20/12 Ann Misterka
3/21/12 Deedra Denmon
3/22/12 Chris Fedor
3/23/12 Denise Stout Ranger

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