iPad Recipients

Here is the list of families that have received an iPad through the A4 community, either by funds donated, donated iPads or from me personally. Thought you might like to take a look.We have asked parents to also provide a brief statement of their childs diagnosis if they want to, so that the community can see that we help children with many different disorders / abilities.

Stacey Shore-MA – I feel extra special to be 1st on the list. We were the MA recipients for my son. Sam is almost 4 with diagnoses of PDD-NOS, Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Eosinophillic Esophagitis. Thank you Gary James!

Laura Tirrell-RI
Courtney Phillips-ME – brother Justin. He is 22 and has autism and a seizure disorder. This list is amazing!!

Cyn Bergeron-MA

Melissa Bennett-OH – daughter Meghan 14 dx= cerebral palsy, sensory integration, adhd, autism & mrdd

Linda Bradmon-MI
Michigan recipient is 12 years old, non verbal with dx of RTS, Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome and the light of my life. Thank you a4cwsn and Gary James for opening up a whole new world to my boy..my Grandson Bradley W. Howard aka Buddy..

Kristin Kolb-MI – For my son Joey who has cerebral palsy, among other less pervasive issues.

Chris Fedor-IN – daughter with Apraxia of speech, ADD and anxiety; son with Apraxia of speech

Candace Carney-IL

Jenna Sheppard-IL

Karen Meyer-IL

Diane Compton-IL

Kari Smith-WI

Sonya Tobin-IA
My son Dalton Tobin age 7, he has severe apraxia, ADHD, border line autistic and has 2 eye surgeries for coloboma and crossing.

Beth Wilde-MN

Nanci-Gale Wilson-ND

Cindy Bruckner—MT – our kids were 50/50/50 recipients for MT. Rob, 13, severe SPD, autism, hearing & vision impaired, Goldenhar Syndrome, Devel Delayed; and JG, 6, speech impairment, auditory processing issues, Klippel-Trenauney Syndrome of his writing hand and arm. This iPad is in daily use, thanks to Gary and A4cwsn! :-)

Stephanie McBride-ID
Here are the diagnoses for our sons ( Idaho 50/50/50 recipients). 2 sons with PDD-NOS and anxiety, and one son with severe autism, non-verbal, seizure disorder, hypotonia, sensory processing disorder and MR.

Dora McClain-ID

Deborah Walker-WA

Angela Doescher-OR

Rebecca Cox-CA – son Jonas 3 Infantile Spasms, Epilepsy, PDD/NOS high functioning autism, sensory processing disorder. CA family on the 50/50/50 tour.

Cecilia Castro-CA

Desiree Brown-CA

Susie Nalty-NV

Charles Hawkins-AZ

Michelle Gagne-VT

Rachel Kemp-NM

Meredith Rozdilsky-CO

Andrea Watkins-WY

Jessica Jensen-NE – Madelynn Jensen NE: cerebral palsy, microcephaly, GERD, occipital epilepsy, huge developmental delays, non verbal

Lynette Trease-NE – Nicole Trease -NE: Hydranencephaly, Spastic Quad, Tracheomalasia, Cortical Vision Impairment, and more… Nikki is 13 yrs old and being gifted the ipad2 has significantly changed Nikki’s life as well as those around her by giving her not only a choice, but a voice

Katia Pereira-KS

Terri Vejrosta-MO Terri very kindly donated the iPad to her daughters school

Nhora Magill-OK – Nikko Magill of Oklahoma : Medical Diagnosis: Dravet Syndrome (formerly known as Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy In Infancy or SMEI), Speech/Language Diagnosis: Nonverbal Communicator, Severe Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder, He does not walk at 3.6yrs old

Rumisha Rice-TX
Madison is 4 (my adopted daughter) and was the TX recipient for the 50/50/50. She was born at 24 weeks and had a grade 4 brain bleed. She has Hydrocephalus, Cerebral Palsy, Scoliosis (as a result of the CP), Seizures, GERD, Failure To Thrive, Global Developmental Delays, Microcephaly (small head shape) and she is Vision Impaired. She is unable to sit, crawl, walk or talk. She loves playing on the iPad, some of her favorite apss so far are, bubbles, the interactive storybooks, and her songs. Thank You for what you do Gary James!

Tammy Hillis-AR – Caden is 2 1/2 and has 1P36 deletion Syndrome, Cerebral palsy, Infantile spasms, Left ventricular non compaction (heart defect), non verbal, wheel chair, low tone, g tube fed, Vision problems, Epilepsy Partial complex seizures. Thank you Gary James for this amazing blessing! Oh and we are in the Family of 50/50/50 recipients!!! I love my 50 A4 family!!!

Rebecca Cannon-MO – my kiddos were the recipients of the 50/50/50 iPad for the state of Missouri. Adriana-11- has a universal learning disability and profound hearing loss, Kharlie-7-has a sensory processing disorder, visual processing disorder, speech/language disorder, and ODD, Christian-2-has Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Pectus Excavatum (leading to chronic cardiac problems), Failure to Thrive, Poor fine/gross motor skills, and all have varying degrees of OCD. Getting true dx has been hard since most of them come through the school district and I pulled my kids out the home school them when the schools failed them. It has been AMAZING the difference the iPad has made with how they learn things and what they are now able to pick up. Thank you so much Gary James!! And the baby also has SCID Severe combined Immunodeficiency. His allergies are so bad.

Karen Bess-NY – Aiden – infantile spasms (seizures), 1p36 deletion syndrome, hearing loss, microtia, vsd, non-verbal, developmentally delayed.

Jennifer Boyd-PA
Recipient of the 50/50/50 campaign. A, 12, ADHD-combined type, PDD, ODD (only at home, for some reason?), dyslexia, visual/spatial disorder, learning disabilities; K, 8, visual/spatial disorder, learning disabilities. While it is no longer an issue, A was born w/ a hemangioma, he did not talk for years, and when he did, he had his own made-up language/jibberish; and K was also physically developmentally delayed, so much so that we were told she would never walk – the professionals were soooo wrong on this Dx!! :-)

Corrie Gaspar-NJ – Stephen was the recipient for nj. His Dx are apraxia & PDD-NOS, as well as sensory and low muscle tone. Possible language processing

Stacie Mikels-VA

Pam Howard-NC – (NC 50/50/50 recipient) – son Andrew – age 23 – seizure disorder, Tourette syndrome, oral dyspraxia, mental retardation, autism, likely selective mutism
Kelli Morton-SC – SC family on the 50/50/50 tour. Christopher, 10 years old, has Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy as well as Autism, he also is severely developmentally delayed. He also has GERD, Epilepsy, dysphagia, processing disorders (I can list the rest, but this is the major ones)

Lori Newcomer-DE

Fay LaFrage-GA – We are the Ga family in the 50/50/50 tour. Scott is 22 years old and has epilepsy (former Lennox Gastaut Syndrome), autism, Intracranial Hypertension, Papilledema, mild CP, former 24 hour g-tuber and severe asthma. David just turned 21 years old and has Schizophrenia and severe asthma. I (Fay) have multiple lung problems and on oxygen.

Beth Comella-GA

Jennifer Broshnahan-SC

Sabrina McCrary-FL

Tara Millett-LA

Margie Slemp-AL – son Sam is 4, and has Ohtahara Syndrome (STXBP1 deletion – Seizure Disorder), Infantile Spasms (resolved), Hypotonia, Global Developmental Delays, Cortical Vision Impairment, and Mitochondrial Disease.

John Hodum-TN

Erica R-IN – infantile spasms, cvi, hypotonia, developmentally delayed
Beulah Wuellner-KY – Aaron is 13 and is the primary recipient of the iPad, he has Aspergers, OCD, ODD, Mood disorder. Anthony is 16, ADHD, Severe depression. Alexis 5 has mood disorder and anxiety disorder, Ava is 3 and has speech issues.

Cari Shepard-WV
The iPad was for my son, Nick 18, who just happens to have Down Syndrome, Speech Apraxia, ADD, OCD and autistic tendencies. Since receiving it, the iPad has also benefitted the entire family (I have two younger boys who, as we say on the DS lists, are NDA yet (Not Diagnosed with Anything yet) and use the iPad with Nick and alone. It has definitely been a wonderful blessing.

Rebecca Simon-MD – Yisroel Simon – 12, High functioning autism, PDD-NOS

Jessica Dimick-NY – Jessica Dimick, the primary recipient is Cassandra, age 6, main diagnosis is moderate to severe Sensory Processing Disorder. Her brother, Declan, is almost 4 with speech and fine motor delays, and will also use the iPad in his therapy sessions.

Michell Peacock-TX – son Shane has Left Ventricle Noncompaction Cardiomyopathy

Leslie Zevnik-OH – Son Vincent Zevnik 9.. Autism, Marfans syndrome, hyper mobility syndrome.
Thank you Gary! That is an amazing list….so proud to be a part of this amazing community! Changing lives….in BIG WAYS.
Loves, Leslie

Tammy Davenport-GA – My son who is Autistic, ADHD, OCD, ODD, MI and very little expressive language just got an iPad for Christmas. So, I will be taking the iPad I won to school to use in my special education classroom. I have students with Autism, Downs Syndrome, Mental Deficits, Learning disabled, CP, Legally blind, ODD, ADHD, and fetal alcoholism. My students are 5-11 years of age and there are 18 of them.. UH.. before Christmas break I had 16. My numbers keep growing :) But, that is just more of them to love and help!

Shay Bradley-NZ – son Blakey (4yrs) Autistic, Anxiety and SPD

Lara Benefield-IL

Lara Benefield-IL

Erin Horton-IL

Nicole Ingegneri-VA

Elizabeth Shea-FL

Sherri Burgan-PA – I have 2 children with SN, my 15 y/o Jared, Autism, ADHD, SID, hx seizures, mood disorder. 8 year old Zach ADHD, Sensory Integration disorder, fine motor delays, He was almost 2 years delayed in his learning but with working with him and since getting the iPad and some really great apps he has almost caught up to his current grade level (he was held back 1 year though in K) and is doing great in school! I won my iPad though the ICHEER raffle and every day I am soooo thankful I sacrificed the money to purchase a ticket so NEVER say I won’t win when A4 holds a raffle or drawing because I thought the same thing and I won!! I still can’t believe I won such a wonderful prize that has helped my children more than I could have imagined!!!

Kendra Duncan-IL – Kendra Duncan Speech Paraprofessional- Special Education School Chicago Hts, IL 34 students on my caseload ages 9-21 with various disabilities, autism, mental impairments, cerebral palsy, asperger’s, traumatic brain injury etc. Thank you Gary & A4cwsn!!

Amy Taylor-CA

Kathleen Reynolds-MA

Liz Cioci-MA
My son is on the Autism spectrum and has: Auditory Processing Disorder; ADHD; and he has an Immune Deficiency (which results in many hospital/doctor visits.)

Marcia Gustowski-VA

Sheila Nobel-CAN

Anya Macneil-CAN

Katie Bryant-OH

Katrina Moody-IN

Noelle Sandiford-AK – son Elijah- PDD NOS, Anxiety, Sensory Processing disorder, developmental coordination disorder, Adhd combined type, chronic pain, Low muscle tone, pronation of feet and ankles
Kelly Anderson-HI – son Brendan’s diagnoses: Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy & Hydrocephalus Mahalo for this community and the support it provides!!

Kylie Vdh-AUS – Jorja’s 6 years old diagnosis – Vision impairment + neurological & learning delays associated with extreme prematurity (amongst other things). The A4 iPad we received was donated to Jorja’s school to be used with all of the children with special education needs.

Debbie Petropolous-AUS

Natalie DeAngelis-AUS – son has severe speech delay and still undergoing diagnosis

Tiffany Squires-CAN

Teresa Tobias-TX

Jo Ashline-CA – My son Andrew is 9 years old, severe autism, non-verbal, epilepsy and Cystic Fibrosis. We received our iPad from A4cwsn in August and have seen a dramatic change in our son’s ability to communicate and learn (and this is just the beginning). This technology is revolutionary for the special needs community and we MUST do all we can to get it into the hands of as many people as possible. I wrote about the iPad and the differences we have seen in November for The OC Register (I have a special needs column with them). You can check out the archives at ocmoms.com/jo and look under November for the piece. Gary, you are a miracle worker, and this community is PRICELESS.

Jacqui Gardner-AZ

Joseph Harris-OH

Nicole Eads-CA

Danielle Fetters-CA – my son Jamie 15, autistic and non verbal. Ours was one of the surprise Christmas iPads. Thank you A4cwsn!

Shannon Pollard-WA

Jenn Widler-CT

Jennifer Marchesseault-CT – Gavin, age 7, oral motor dyspraxia, PDD-NOS, developmentally delayed.

Matthew MacIntosh-TX

Jenifer Corbett-NY – Abigail Corbett 2 1/2 Autism, Severe Sensory Modulation Disorder, Static Encephalopathy, Non- Verbal, Motor Stereotyping, PICA, Feeding Dysfunction

Evan Pattison-OH

Sydnie Wade-MI – Sydnie Wade – neuroblastoma cancer; brother with SPD

Alexa Fila-CA

Lara Schaff-OR

Gail Lefkowitz-PA

Keri Kennedy-NC – daughter is Rebecca, she is 6 has Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (severe Epilepsy disorder), profound developmental delays, hydrocephalus, Neurofibromatosis type 1.

Hayley Kelley-CT

Jamie Deller-ID – Samantha (7yrs) and Shaun (2yrs) was the recipient from Idaho. Samantha has Autism, Asthma and is Low Muscle Tone and Shaun has Congenital Heart Disease

Lisa Helms-VA

Charley James-SC





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  1. Maggie Hicks says:

    Congrats to all you winners

  2. Maria says:

    My 3 years old has developmental delay, he is non-verbal and also has a rare disease called pseudohypoaldosteronism.

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