Please fill in this form if you have or work with a Child or Children with Special Needs. Please explain in detail how the iPad will help you and please choose 5 Apps that you consider would be helpful for your child and explain how and why. I will announce the winner of my iPad1 with over 200 Apps, that you and I will be able to go over before you receive it on, April 1st. I will also maintain the iPad Apps for you making sure that we download new ones as they become available and if they suit your child and take care of any updates needed.

You will also need to do the following to make sure you are eligible for this iPad.
Share this event on your own FB page or Twitter.
Have at least 3 friends like the A4 FB page on your behalf.
Share a4cwsn’s Pinterest page / http://pinterest.com/a4cwsn/ on FB or Twitter
Like A4 on Facebook / http://www.facebook.com/a4cwsn
Send me a friend request on FB / http://www.facebook.com/Appydad

Good luck

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