iDevice Repair

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Where do I ship my iDevice to?
Please send all packages to:
iDevice Repair of NM
6052 Hubbell Cr. SW
Albuquerque, NM

Do you offer a warranty on your repairs?
We absolutely do! We are very confident with our technicians and offer a Limited Life Time Warranty on parts and labor.
What all do I need to send in?
The only thing that we require is your broken device. Do not send in any external cases, cables, or accessories. If you want to remove the sim card you may choose to do so or you can leave it in. Please include the confirmation page emailed to you or attached below. If you do not have access to a printer, please make sure your
Phone Number,
What’s Wrong With The iDevice
are included in the box you ship your device in. This helps us keep track of your device and allows for a faster and more convenient service. Package your iDevice carefully and make sure it won’t be damaged. We will return it in the same or better shipping box.

What if you are unable to repair my iDevice?
In the unfortunate event that your phone is beyond repair (i.e. the logic board is destroyed) we will call you and ask if you would like us to return the phone or we may offer to purchase the phone and recycle the parts. We will NOT charge you for repairs that cannot be completed.

How do I know this is not a scam? Can I trust your business?
Yes! We are an established business that has been repairing Apple & Samsung products successfully since 2011. We haven’t lasted this long by stealing people’s personal property. If you have any concerns, please feel free to call us @ 1.505.610-0226 and speak with us about our company!

Will you download anything off of my iDevice?
Absolutely not. We respect the privacy of the content on your iDevice. We will never download any information, including: contacts, pictures, music or data. If you decide to lock your device please be aware that it will limit our ability to test certain functions on your device that may include camera, signal antenna, and headphone jack. We strongly urge you to keep your device unlocked and to back up all data before shipping.

Do you buy broken iDevices?
We sure do. ReVamp is all about helping the environment, one broken iDevice at a time. Please call, 505-610-0226 or send us an email in regards to what device you are looking to sell. We will promptly get back to you with a quote.

What is your Privacy Policy? Is my personal information secure?
Of course. Our company has no interest in any of your personal information. Please read our full Privacy Policy for more details.

I really want to do business with you but I found a cheaper place online. Do you price match?
We understand that there are a lot of repair sites out there. Some of them are good, and some of them are untrustworthy. Since we are not sure if they are using high quality parts and providing quality service, please contact us and let us know which site you found the lower price on. Even if we are not able to match the competitor price, we may be able to offer you a discount. We are flexible!

Will you install a part that I bought from somewhere else?
We have found that the large majority of the iPad, iPod and iPhone parts that are being sold online range from inferior to worthless. We only install our own parts so that we can stand behind the quality of our repairs.

What about nicks, dents, or any other minor damage to my device?
We suggest that you carefully look over your device before you pack it up. Make a mental or written note (or take photos) of any dings, scratches, dents, smudges, cuts, nicks, and other damage that may or may not be apparent. The more that you can prevent the device from moving around inside the package during shipping, the greater the chances it will arrive at our shop without damage. Once the device is in our hands, we take great caution to avoid scratches and other damage while the device moves from one stage to the next (including the final stage when we pack it up and send it back to you), but it is always good if you have a good idea of its’ overall condition before shipping it to us.

Please fill out and print this portion and include it with your iDevice

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Personal Information
First Name

Last Name

Email Address


Address Information

Street Address



Zip/Postal Code

What is wrong with your iDevice –

32 Responses to iDevice Repair

  1. Looking to send our Ipad to you for repair of the screen. Do I send payment along at time of sending it to you or will you notify me?? Thanks much!

  2. Ryan Sloan says:

    Thank you so much for your donation to helping special needs children who need your help. My daughter Rylee could use your help too with a refurbished Ipad. she was diagnosed with ASD/PDD-NOS on the tenth of this month and we want the best care for our daughter. You are an angle at heart and should have a place in heaven! GOD BLESS you and all of your great work.

  3. Erica Jacobson says:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity. So many of us have children who can benefit from technology like this. My son has a ipad through school that we have been waiting four months for them to put an app on that will read him his books. I would have done it myself but they have them locked up tight. Please consider us.

  4. Tami Sartori says:

    What a blessing this is and so excited to see who gets it my son would be thrilled but we will be happy for whoever wins this :)

  5. Donna Hill says:

    This is a fantastic service you and A4 are providing. I have shared this page with so many of my friends.

  6. crystal sacco says:

    I have shared this with my support group and mom friends

  7. Rebecca Brooke says:

    My asd son could really use this blessing to help him with his therapy and learning. He is mainly a visual learner and has such a hard time communicating even the basic things in everyday life. Id love to bless him with something I couldn’t provide him on my own. This would be a dream come true for us. Thank you for the opportunity!

  8. Kelly kesti says:

    Thanks for your generosity! I’m sure whoever receives this will benefit greatly. I’d love to see if an ipad would help my little guy (with DS) develop his speech!

  9. Amanda Baker says:

    It’s great to see people helping others. Thanks for your help!

  10. Lynne Moore says:

    Thank you so much Allen. This would help out my son so much. Have a Merry Christmas.

  11. Dawn Martin says:

    Thank you so much for this chance! This is our dream gift for our 6 year old. He has severe Autism and is non verbal but is very good with electronics and rote learning. His school brought one of these in for him to use before and he loves it so we would love to have one for him at home especially to give him a voice. He is our middle baby out of 5 boys so money has always been tight and we would never be able to afford this on our own.

  12. jennifer says:

    Thank you for all you do. My twin boys would really benefit for what you are doing. Thanks for everything….

  13. luciana warman says:

    bella would benifit so much from this..as a single mom with little income buying is not an option..merry christmas to all!!!

  14. Maggie Hicks says:

    Mt Allen thank you so much for not only giving away a refurbished IPad1 but also giving discounts to ppl that are apart of Mr G’s site. We usually are battling to be treated at least equal so that’s kind that you go step farther. Our 9 yr old grandson Noah lives with us and he has numerous health issues. But some that would pertain to iPad is Cortical Vision Impairment, Autism, Nonverbal, Seizure Disorder is just a few. The vision therapist said he would do much better if he had regular size iPad as long as he had good bit of memory…His communication App ProLoQuo2Go uses a lot of space plus he is cyber schooled bc of Compremized Immune System so he has a lot of learning apps that would be needed for space. Good luck to all that are in the running. And God shall bless you greatly as he does Mr G for the selfliss acts of making ppl with disabilities happy. ❤️

    • Maggie Hicks says:

      Thank you Mr Allen for the IPad. This should boost Noah’s confidence back up once he realizes he will be able to see his folder/buttons in his Communication App. At times though he would immediately self correct they would have to give him a mark for being wrong. It wasn’t that he was wrong but his Cortical Visual Impairment makes him see things differently. So having this we will be able to have thicker borders and bigger icons which in turn will boost his confidence once again…As he will see he’s getting the correct answer the first time. Mr G and you will be taken care of ten fold for what you do for children as my Noah. Again Thank You! God Bless. Merry Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the Season❤️

  15. Tracy says:

    We would love to have this for our little man. He has just started preschool and amazes us everyday with the new things he says and does. With this tool his learning potential would be limitless!!

  16. Melissa Shelton says:

    First off, I would like to thank you for giving all our families a chance to win somethibg so wonderful. I would truly love to win this item for my 3 1/3 year old son who was diagnosed with autism on October 12, 2013. He does not speak, he just babbles. I think winning something like this would bring us the perfect opportunity to get him to communicate. The only way he knows how to communicate is to throw a fit, and then lead our hand to what he wants. I know it is very tough for him because he doesn’t completely understand what’s going on around him. He has a lot of sensory issues. He’s very sensitive to food textures, and he doesn’t chew any food. Everything has to be pureed down. He is also very sensitive to sounds; such as: microwaves, blenders, squeaky doors, blowing-nose s, people crying, etc. He doesn’t really point either. That is something we have been working on for awhile now. I am hoping we can win something like this so I can help him with communication. It is something I would appreciate for the rest of my life. Again….thank you for thos opportunity!!!

  17. Kimberly Chappell says:

    Thanks Allen for doing this amazing thing and the gift of giving. I would love to win the iPad for my son and to open him up to his potential. Thank You for all you do. Have a Happy Holidays.

  18. Michelle Michell says:

    This be would Be an awesome gift for my 12yr old son Tyson whom has aspergers adhd odd
    srvere learning difficulties and unfortunately has social skills issues he tries hard at everything but social skills get in the way no matter how hard he tries to make friends they alwzys seem to get him into trouble and he doesnt understand the consequences of his actions most of time:/ It would help to have this device so it would b possible for him to have apps to hrlp teach him alot of the skills needed:) Thank You Allen and G for this opportunity:)

  19. Michelle Michell says:

    would love this device to be gifted to my son Tyson to help him with his ability to use apps for social skills as he is having a lot of trouble in this area:/ I would be able to purchase apps when i can afford them as well to help Tyson in other areas of need for Tyson:) Thanks A4cwsn and I Repair U ROCK OUR WORLD:)

  20. Ellie Boling says:

    Thank you so much for doing such a selfless thing for all of us by allowing us the chance to win a refurbished iPad from you Allen! My son would benefit from this so much! Donovan is nonverbal, so I have to guess what he wants most of the time. An iPad could help him communicate with me and others! I’m a single mom working 2 jobs to make ends meet, so I can’t afford to get this amazing tool for him. Thank you so much for considering us! You are a blessing!

  21. amanda rodriguez says:

    This would be a blessing to get for my autistic kids and downsyndrom kids. Good luck everyone!

  22. Dena says:

    Love you for all that you do.

  23. Christine says:

    Thank you so much Allen for being so generous. My 3 year old epileptic son would really benefit from iPad. He is nonverbal and has visual issues along with the epilepsy. His therapist have said that he would greatly help him.

  24. Pamela hood says:

    I have shared this group with many people and am very interested in the iPad Allen has provided to be gifted my 11 year old autistic daughter would benefit so much from this gift thank you and god blees

  25. Jon Newswanger says:

    Thanks so much, Allen for all you do to keep us all up and running. We’d love this ipad to help our son unlock his potential!

  26. I have several tablets that have broken screens. I have an iPad 2, iPad mini, Kindle Fire, and a Nexus. Would you be interested in taking all but the iPad mini and use for parts or whatever in exchange for fixing the iPad mini?

  27. Tracey Wilson says:

    Sadly my little $89.00 laptop will not let me see the whole page but I am wanting to say I have shared your info on my page and also wanted to say thank you for allowing those with special needs to have a special price and a place in your heart. I would love to have the refurbished Ipad and I know I would put it to good use with the children I work with! Thank You again!

  28. Robin Walker says:

    Thanks Allen for donating an IPad to A4 to give to a special needs child, such a blessing this will make one little boy or girl Happy Happy !

  29. Heidi says:

    You are doing an amazing thing. I wish I could help someone as you are. When given the chance I would love to help someone as you have.

  30. Carolyn Bradford says:

    This would be awesome for my son who Is 9 with Down Syndrome since ours just broke. He is heartbroken as he loved to watch our church worship in vimeo and sing and play his instruments to the worship music as well as playing his learning apps! I shared this on Facebook! Thank you!

  31. Alyssa Sanders says:

    thank you for this, it is so awesome and will save us a lot of money (and headache)
    so awesome! Happy Holidays!!

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