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Jo Ashline
Jo is passionate about writing, especially about her experiences raising her special needs son, and is dedicated to promoting compassion, providing resources and creating a supportive community through her special needs column, This Modified Life. She also likes to boss people around while pretending to know what she’s talking about with her humor “advice” column Just Ask Jo. Both columns are written freelance for The Orange County Register.





Activity Tailor provides creative ideas for speech therapy. Geared toward the pediatric therapist, we offer fun games for articulation and language as well as the popular Activity Tailor blog which includes free tips, tricks and musings.




Simply Speech is a blog written for SLP’s by a SLP! The author is a 4th year therapist working both in the school system and for a private therapy company. This blog features creative therapy ideas and resources that are geared for therapists and parents of school age students. Some examples of what you will find on the site include: how to set up a speech room, free printable activities, app reviews, how to organize your caseload, and data tracking ideas- just to name a few!






Brighton Park

If you are a special needs homeschooler, welcome! I have been a pediatric speech language pathologist for 17 years and also homeschool five children–including identica twin boys with special needs, so I have experience on both sides of the table: both as service provider and parent.





When you have a child with a speech and language issue, they have their own way of communicating…their own way of pronouncing sounds…their own way of speaking…and you become very proficient in this new language. This blog is all about “THEIR words, THEIR way”…simple as that.





The HannaB GradstudentSLP blog was started in February 2012 by Hanna Bogen, a speech-language pathology graduate student at the University of Washington. The blog is a great resource for students and seasoned therapists alike with everything from iPad app reviews to fun therapy ideas (and lots of witty banter along the way). Hanna currently lives in Seattle, WA and finishes her master’s program in August 2013.





Crazy Speech World is a blog written by Jenn Alcorn, a school based Speech-Language Pathologist, for other SLPs and related professionals. On the site you will find therapy activities, resources, materials, and a platform to discuss current issues affecting SLPs. Jenn enjoys sharing ideas ranging from craft projects to technology, as well as an interest in social media in an effort to build a wider personal learning network! You can connect with Crazy Speech World via Blogger, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!




Let’s Talk Speech-Language Pathology is a blog that is written by a CF-SLP. The purpose of the blog is to provide speech and language resources to speech-language pathologists, educators, and parents. All of the downloads on Let’s Talk SLP are free to download. Written topics include Materials Monday (free downloads), specific speech or language topics, tips on interviewing for a job, and specific thematic unit ideas and materials.




Smarttalkersblog.com is a place to share information about all topics to do with children’s speech, language and communication and a platform to show some of the things we do at Small Talk SLT and Smart Talkers pre-School Communication groups. The development of communication is marvellous but when it goes wrong the consequences can be far reaching. We have information on all the latest research, news and ideas.




Talk it up Speech Therapy
Hello! I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist who has been inspired to share some of my ideas online. Check out my blog to see what activities are motivating my students to talk it up! I work in a public school by day and run my own business by night. Needless to say, I am passionate about working with children with special needs. I hope this is evident in my blog!




Cooking up Good Speech!
My name is Rose Kesting and I am licensed and ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist . I work with children who have developmental delays in the areas of speech and language development.
I have been practicing for 18 years in schools and clinics with the preschool population and in the K-12 public school setting. I am also available for private speech therapy services.
My interest in cooking began as a child, preparing many meals for my large family of six. I have continued my passion for cooking with my own family as my inspiration. I believe in using food in its purest forms, avoiding refined sugars and other processed products. I buy organic when possible. I combined my interest in nutrition and healthy cooking with my professional knowledge as a speech-langauge pathologist and thus, www.speechsnacks.com was born!

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