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Here are some testimonials from parents and professionals on A4.

Crystal Hagler A4cwsn has allowed me to connect with other parents who know exactly what I am going through with my special needs kids. Things I can talk to them about, I can’t talk to regular people about because they just don’t understand. I have created so many bonds with some wonderful people who have helped me through our CP and Autism journey. Certain things I may have been doing, someone else here may have a better way. This site is not only for the children, but for the caregivers as well. None of us are alone here. Crystal Hagler, NC USA

Mandy Green A4 has shown me that I am not alone. That there are people that love and care about children they don’t even know. A4 is a place to get advice and understanding. The apps and iPads are great but the sense of community is even better. Mandy Green, Kentucky

Brett Elliott A4CWSN is a great community of parents of special Chilldren who come together to support one another and help eachother get technology into the hands of children who can use it to be the best they can be. Brett Elliott from Chicago, IL

Sonya Schmidt-Heischberg As a Mom and A Special Educator, I have learn many useful ideas for Ipad/Ipod use. The app that are availible are realivent to both home and school activities. I am glad that I have located A4cwsn. Sonya TN/USA

Michelle Cayemberg A4 means a community of parents and professionals coming together to reach out to one another to benefit all children in need. It is where we can give support and guidance to those in need and to ask for help when help is needed. There is so much knowledge to be learned from others it is a shame to not share with the world. Our children are our future from one end of the earth to the other. Michelle Cayemberg Greenbay, WI

Steve Leese As a special Ed teacher A4 is an awesome forum to discover new apps. I am also a member of A4 Australia and it is great to see so many parents/carers and professionals sharing their knowledge. The combined knowledge of the A4 communities helps to build the capabilities of the children in our care, it also shows others that ALL children can learn, far too often i have come across people who think just because a child cannot speak in a way we understand then they cannot learn, A4 helps dispel this myth free apps are also good as it keeps me out of the doghouse for spending too much on work stuff! Steve Leese from Queensland, Australia.

Julie Ahern My daughter was advised to begin using assistive technology to help her learning and language processing issues. This site is a direct route into learning more about this area, first rate app companies can be found here, and finally support from wonderful parents around the world abounds. Thank you A4 for so much. Julie

Tersha Nicole Seegers A4 has and continues to help special needs children around the world. It is a community of parents, friends and family who want to share stories, experiences and donations to continue to help and encourage children who need that little bit extra to help them reach their full potential. I have found A4 to be an ideal website for me and my family! Please keep up the good work Gary James and his family! Kind Regards Tersha Nicole Seegers from Wilmington, NC

April Conyers Williams I’ve only known A4 for a very short time, but I already feel apart of a community, a community of people who understand me, and what having a rough day truly means. Thank you. April Grants Pass, OR

Kelli Hunnicutt Morton To me, A4 has become a part of my family. I love being part of a community that celebrated with me when my 10 year old son with special needs learned to spell his name and type it out on his iPad, it’s amazing to be a part of a community who understands how much of an accomplishment that is. It’s about forming friendships and supporting each other. Kelli Morton, South Carolina, United States

Jessica Murphy A4 is not only amazing in the way that it gives away free ipads, ipods, apps etc. It also gives freely what cannot be bought- understanding, support, friendships. Its those things that keep me coming here every day. The kindness of the a4 members is out of this world above anything I could have ever imagined. This place is not about what you can get and the competition. It is about parents and caregivers coming together…all with different stories all with different backgrounds but all trying to make life a little bit easier and the world a little bit of a better place. Jessica Murphy MN

Alexis Marie A4cwsn is a great resource for parents and professionals to learn about apps for kids with special needs and to meet great people from around the world!! I myself have learned about so many of the apps for my son with visual impairment and on the spectrum!! They also help families and educators to get the resources to help children!! It is such a amazing community!! Alexis, PA, USA

Rumisha Barbee Rice A4 is a great community of Teachers, Therapist, Developers, and Parents coming together for 1 great cause, Special Needs Children. We are a family!! Rumisha Rice Spring TX

Daysie Hearts RyanRichie A4cwsn means tO me: wOrking tOgether tO help children with special needs arOund the wOrld tO have a better understanding Of all the wOnderful apps and technOlogy there is tO help them as they grOw. & Meeting wOnderful ppl that undestand yOu and help yOu because they Care sO much abOut everyOnes little Angels!! :) Daysie Rodriguez. El PasO, Texas.. ♥

Kisha Knapp The world of assitive technology came upon me as a fluke, and thankfully right away I found A4cwsn. I’ve been desperate to figure out a way to communicate with my two Ukrainian born children with Down syndrome. We live in a very rural area, so all of their help to communicate and learn, comes from me. I have researched and read everything I can about assistive technology, thanks to A4cwsn. It has given me hope, not to mention, I have joined the community. That in itself has become a blessing, especially on the days when I feel alone in the world, caring for children who need so much of me. It is comforting to see others who are with me, and also inspiring to see others stopping at nothing to help their children have a voice. I love that part the most, people helping each other to help others who are overlooked by society. Overlooked now, but with the help of A4cwsn, and others like it (are there even others), will not be overlooked for long. It’s an organization to give hope for the future. Takisha. Kentucky.

Julie Bogue I don’t need an Ipad. We have one, but I just wanted to say that A4cwsn means family to me. Family of all kinds helping one another come together as one. A big family that is there for one another in hard times and in good.

Jamie Neidiffer Deller I am the mother of a child with autism and a child with a mitral valve replacement. A4cwsn, Gary James & the A4cwsn community have been there for me when I needed any questions anwered. It’s good to know there are resources out there for our very special ones. I’m so glad to have found this wonderful group of people :) –Jamie Deller, Idaho/USA Mommy of 4

Jessica Dishong Dimick A4cwsn has been the light in the isolation of being a special needs parent. The community here has functioned for me as a sounding board, technology resource, support group, and comic relief. Gary James was able to donate an iPad to my daughter with Sensory Processing Disorder, which is going to help her reach some goals that she has been working at for a very long time. As a military family that pays out of pocket for most of her care, having access to this technology was something that we only dreamed of for her. Simply put, A4 is making the dreams of children with special needs come true.
Jessica Dimick Fort Drum, NY, USA

Jill Jacobson Dull A4 is so much more than a place to learn about amazing apps that are great for our special kiddos. It’s a community full of support, encouragement, understanding, laughter and even a few tears. Jill, CA/USA

Nicole Beiser I am a mother of a little boy who is 7 years old. As a young mother (24 then) having a child with a disability was nothing short of challenging. Since coming to A4, I have found a support group that I never thought possible, everyday men and women that face the same challenges as me! I didn’t know there were so many apps to assist my little boy in everyday life and for Gary James to go through these apps and allow me to almost experience them first hand has allowed me to not waste time and money buying apps that don’t apply to my son. I am blessed to have a community like A4 to lean on everyday! Nicole Virginia Beach, VA

Rachelle Gray A4 is about helping our kids with speical needs. Giving a voice to some, away to help handle scary places for others. It has brought parents together where we can all become a big family! We are all here when someone has a rough day or needs prayers. it is not just for our kids, i think it has helped a lot of the parents on this site also. I am very thankful for A4 and the friends i have made. Rachelle G Carterville Il

Susan Treptow A4cwsn is a website and Facebook page I found while searching options for my son who has ASD. Since liking the page in June I have found many apps that help my son everyday, won apps, and most importantly connected with other parents who understand the difficulties of raising a special needs child or children. I have also learned how amazing Gary James is and how much he is willing to give to help others. It truly is amazing!!! Susan Treptow, Muskegon, Michigan.

Beulah Wuellner A4cwsn has helped me to be able to connect with other parents of special needs children. I have grown to love a lot of these folks and I feel that we share a bond and an understanding of each others needs. There are times that I just felt like no one understood what I was going through and I would come online just feeling so down and out. I would come on to A4cwsn and instantly comments would pour onto the screen that were uplifting and loving. When ever I need a friend and even when I need advice even if I message Gary James or some of the regulars here there’s always someone to help make me instantly feel better. I’d like to think I do that for some of the other parents also…sure hope so anyway! Beulah-Kentucky

Johanna Dunkel There is an epidemic in this country 1 in 95 children born today have autism. In the last twenty years this rate has raised over 300%! We as parents of these children struggle to provide the best and to give our children every chance to succeed. Gary James as a parent understands this and has personally helped out so many special needs families in his dream to help give children a voice, to learn, to succeed! He has personally driven across the country and hand delivered over 100 Ipads to deserving families. He has also given away many apps, cases and other valuable items to help these special children. As a mother of an autistic son it has been amazing to see one person making a difference in so many lives. I am blessed to have found A4cwsn it’s not just a page, it is a community that supports each other with our struggles of parenting these unique children. All the inspiration, the support, the knowledge the generosity displayed in this community has been simply amazing. Good luck Gary and A4 to helping so many more in the year to come. Thank you.

Ann Atkinson Doran I found A4cwsn just by chance. Since I found this group, I have learned so much about ASD, apps, weighted blankets, sensory issues just to name a few. I have had a heavy heart reading the stories that are shared on here, but as an educator, I know what can be achieved in the world of autism. A4cwsn is filled with supporters that are educators, developers, parents, and children with ASD. We are all here to support one another and give a word of encouragement. I have grown as a SLT because of this group! YOU ROCK, A4cwsn!!! Ann SC/USA

Jen Pagel A4cwsn has been a great resource for me to connect with other parents of children with special needs. Any time I need someone to talk with I just log on and I am greeted by a great group of people who understand what I am going through! I also love coming here to get suggestions on Apps that will help my son to expand his abilities. I really appreciate that the developers of Apps are involved with the page to offer suggestions or even free apps. Jenni Pagel -Michigan

Ginnene Eberius Stone I found A4 a few months ago. A4 means ALWAYS having a place to go for support and encouragement. It does not matter what time of day or night I log on, I KNOW I will be able to come to A4 and wipe my tears away. I am not alone. A4 is a sanctuary, a confessional, a grief counselor, a true and honest friend. My sadness is always turned to laughter after I visit with my family at A4. I love being a part of the A4 community! -Ginnene-Kimmy, Brittney and Tommy’s mom-in Florida

Karen Hinkle A4 is a great place to get information of any kind dealing with special needs children and parent you can talk to and give and get advice from with what disablity you and your family are going threw they can ansewr question you have about a problem or if you need any solutions regarding your child thire are alot of ppl hear to help you and vary encouraging words it is like extened family and they are hear for you anytime they have helped me with my grandson and they also have fun too this is a great community Gary has here Karen Hinkle Kimball Michigan

Dechele Smith A4 means a world of friendships and the chance to help assist A4 in changing the lives of special needs children. Dechele Smith Baytown, TX

Sona Marie Eckenroad Finding A4 for me has been a blessing. I know I can come here when I have a question or just need some inspirational words from other parents. Even though all of our stories are different in one way or another we are all alike. We are parents of God’s special angels that he has given us the pleasure of raising. He gave us these special angels so that we could come together and join here as not only a community but friends and a extended family for support and encouragement. Since joining this community I have made a lot of wonderful friends that are just like family to me they are our A4 family. We can come here to share our joys our sorrows our achievements. We know that no matter what time day or night we can come here and find answers or just a friendly word to help us make it through no matter what we are going through in our life. We were able to have this all because of another angel God sent us and that is Gary James. He saw the need for this a community where he knew other people would understand what the others were going through. Yes we may have many friends but unless they have special angels like ours they will never understand the struggles we go through on a daily basis. Thank You so much Gary James for bringing us this wonderful community of love and support. Sona Marie Eckenroad Kittanning, PA

Tiffany Mullings I joined A4 after reading some app reviews on the A4cwsn website. I probably would not have liked the FB page if it weren’t for my desire to obtain an iPad for my kids with ASD….but I would’ve been missing out! This community is the only one, outside of my local area, in which I have continued to participate. The people here don’t just stop at the occasional comment on a post. They are true cheerleaders for one another; sounding boards; virtual shoulders; a true support system that trancends individual diagnoses and see us as cohesive community all with valid issues and opinions. That is an invaluable resource. Gary James, is a generous contributor who has undoubtedly changed MANY lives for the better, but the whole community here pulls together for the good of the one and the many. I’m proud to be a part of the A4cwsn FAMILY!!!!Tiffany Mullings, Washington, USA

Robin Rose Howell I have just recently found A4cwsn and I think it is one of the most wonderful places on Facebook that I have found. I like that I can come here and get connected to other Facebook pages that are here for the children and the parents. I like that I can come here and know that others KNOW what it is like to have a child with special needs and I don’t have to explain why my child does this or that. I only wish my family would visit this page and begin to understand as well.
Robin Rose Howell Virginia, USA

Susan Richardson Not only is A4 about giving children/adults with special needs a voice and tools to address many of the challenges they face, but it is also about a community that offers unconditional support. encouragement and friendship. A4 is an essential resource for special needs parents, educators and advocates. ~ Susan Richardson, Ohio

Lori Muessig-Kambeck When the world is dark and you feel alone you come across this site. It’s not the typical site full of documents to sort thru its a sight full of caring heart warming people. All of which have gone thru what you are or are going thru it currently. This is a place to give you the light you need at the end of the tunnel. The light is support. Every parent of a special needs child needs that light to shine. A4 is that light. We encourage support and care about one another at all times. And if you just need a shoulder to lean on we are all here ready to help lift you up.

Kristen Foster A4 means helping children accomplish the max of their abilities through simply altruism from Gary. It has helped me realize the importance of technology in the futures of our children. Along with help me connect with other parents that face the same obstacles as a parent of a special needs child. A4 has also truly made me realize that no matter how bad you think you have it, someone has it worse. Be thankful, and cherish each moment with your children. A4 is truly a place where dreams come true…daily. Kristen Foster Anderson IN-USA

Denise Marsh A4cwsn has shown me what a great sense of community is. We all live in a time where supports, true family values and commitments are almost nonexistent. The A4cwsn community has filled this void at a time when I needed it most. Hearing that my 12 year old Son has Epilepsy was not easy two years ago. Hearing that he has a brain malformation and realizing what Cognitive/Intellectual/Developmental Disability meant and realizing that he was not only never going to catch up, but that he can also regress was almost unbearable. This community has made me feel normal when my family and friends ran as far away from us as possible, when people refused to talk about my Son… His Epilepsy and forget about trying to explain a brain malformation. I don’t have to explain to the people at A4cwsn what I am going through. I don’t have to explain my hurt and my feelings of abandonment to the people in this community, because they live in my world and people living in my world understand me better than I could ever hope to and they understand my child, which means more than an iPad or the best Apps on the planet! Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of this great community and most of all just for being you! ~Denise (Erath, LA)

Jennifer Markestad I have learned so much about apps for special needs. Each new review sends me off down the iTunes rabbit hole, searching for new apps that would be just right for my son. The atmosphere of giving keeps me charged up about getting an iPad for my son to use for his schoolwork and for life skills. The community, the camaraderie, even the fun chaos, keeps me checking in on A4CWSN during my day. As a bright student with special needs and learning differences, my son is falling thru the cracks of the public school district, but we are part of the collective here at A4. Jennifer, Tacoma WA

Ann Misterka For me A4 has been a Godsend. I have very few friends that understand what it means to be the parent of a child with special needs and while I have found only a few friends here on A4 who’s kids have needs similar to my son’s, I have found a community of parents and educators who “get it” when it comes to my struggles. We went through a very rough initial IEP with my son and I was able to post questions on A4 regarding the process that were answered within a matter of minutes by parents who had been there, done that. The support system and resources that one can gather from A4 can be found no where else in the world! I am so proud to say that I am a member of this amazing group :) ♥ ~ Ann Misterka, Chardon Ohio

Barbara Thames Brooks We have 15 iPads for our special education department and limited funds for apps. The last thing I want to do is spend money on an app just so I can preview it. A4 has been a huge resource for myself as well as our special education staff – aiding us in finding quality apps to meet the needs of all our unique students. Barbara Brooks, Technology Facilitator, Excel Charter Academy

Daysie Hearts RyanRichie A4cwsn means tO me: wOrking tOgether tO help children with special needs arOund the wOrld. Helping Parents tO have a better understanding Of all the wOnderful apps and technOlogy there is tO help them as they grOw. & Meeting wOnderful ppl that undestand yOu and help yOu because they Care sO much abOut everyOnes little Angels!! :) Daysie Rodriguez. El PasO, Texas.. USA♥

Elizabeth Shea Initially A4cwsn.com opened up a world of technology and apps that my 5 year old nonverbal son with autism could use. I had never thought of the iPad as a tool for him before, and spent many nights online looking at Gary’s app videos and learning from them. Then, I joined the A4 Facebook page and met other parents who understood what his little breakthroughs meant and I could share with them and revel in their children’s milestones. Friendships blossomed. Miraculously, Gary gave my son an iPad2 and changed his world forever. What I thought would become his voice magically encouraged him to speak some of his first words. He began mastering skills he lacked with ease. Now A4 is my place to go and learn more from professionals and parents with experience in the areas my child is headed into. I learn more every day and try to pay it forward to other parents with the same questions I had as I began this journey. Thank you Gary and A4cwsn. – Elizabeth S, Florida, USA

Stephanie O’Neil Morris A4 isn’t just about apps and iPads, although it is amazing for that but the fb family is the best part! It’s so nice to be able to share our daily joys and frustrations with other parents who truly understand! I’ve been here since almost the beginning & am grateful for all the love & support the a4 family has given me! Stephanie M. Marlton! NJ

Shannon Carter A4cwsn is a group of people that are like family to me. When I first joined this site I was welcomed with open arms. I have learned so much from other parents, professionals, and even children. It has opened my eyes to the technology available today that can help our special children learn, grow, and enable them to do things others said were impossible! I’ve watched lives changed and miracles happen. It just does not get any better than that! Together we can make a difference in the lives of children with special needs! Lives are being changed one by one through the effort of everyone in the community. Won’t you join us and help make the difference in the life of a child? Shannon Carter Folkston Ga

Harmony Allen I’m new to the group and not able to be as active as I would like. What it means so far is the ability to experience some good and happy moments in a world that is not always great. It means reading stories that make the days more bearable and that give me hope for my little girl. Thanks to the group! Harmony A. Chandler, AZ

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