Welcome to “365 Days of Giving”

This page will be used to publish the recipients of gifts that we are giving away each day for a year from November 1st 2013.

If you would like to participate all you need to do is Like us on www.facebook.com/a4cwsn and then post on a giveaway that interests you.

We announce recipients 24 hours after we publish the gifts we are giving away.

If you are chosen you will need to email Gary@a4cwsn.com with the name of the gift you won.

Please SHARE this page with as many of your friends and family as possible so we can help Children with Special Needs.

November 1st 2013
Monica Loeser won the AbleNet Bookworm
Courtney Morrison won Sensory Integration, Questions and Answers
Roxanne MacLeod won Wheel of Fortune App
Jessica Marshall won Avaz App
Alyce Fetterhoff won Conversation Builder Teen App
Jenn Schoenfeld won My Underwear (App)
Jenny Ford won Love Actually Movie
James N Audrey Green won Panda Pal App
Scarlet Hartman Won Reading Raven App
Michelle Pettinato Won More Fun with Directions App
Angela Luber Rhea Won iTunes gift Card

November 2nd 2013
Amanda Hargrove won iTunes gift Card
Tammy hicks won sign language, first 100 words book
Casy Karg won $25 Traget Card

November 3rd 2013
Amanda Kula Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Ann D. Forell Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Dawn Sconfienza Gaita Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Debbie Downey Rafferty Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Elizabeth Shea Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Janine M Jones Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Jennifer Darrah King Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Karen Cornell Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Kathleen Weaver Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Kathy Liebenberg Shannon Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Kelly Most Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Lisa Baker Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Marissa McRoberts Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Melissa Fraley Christensen Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Melissa Howard Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Nanette Montgomery Bess Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Pamela Miller Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Susan Elizabeth Spann
Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Tammy Brovold Won a $10 iTunes gift Card
Toby Price Won a $10 iTunes gift Card

Brianna Horney-Hauck Won the Wii U Bundle ($299)

Nov 4th
Leanna George – won Duck Dynasty App
Hilda Hernandez – won ABC Actions App
Susie Smith Lindley Warren – won Marble Mixer App
Ronda Walker Page – won Berenstain Bears App
Rachel Kaufman – won Ablenet All turn it.
Colleen Harrigan Corcoran – won Auditory Memory Cards
Liz O’Neill DeSantis – won Eat Healthy book
Amanda Case – wonLittle Critter App/book

Nov 5th

Christy Story won Target gift Card $50

Nov 6th

Donna Truesdell VanHook – won AbleNets VideoBrix

Nov 7th

Monica Smith – won $10 iTunes Card

Nov 8th

Chloe N’Me – won $25 iTunes card

Nov 9th

Gordon Selkirk – won Mystery Math Museum App

Nov 10th

Cynthia Michelle Rodriguez – won AVAZ APP ($99)
Blanche ester won – iPAd Mini with Visit from A4 to set up and walk through apps.

Nov 11th

Sheila – Won Turbo movie

Nov 12th

The Mason Family – Won a Christmas Wreath
Amy C – Won $10 iTunes Card

Nov 13th

Beth C – Won $20 Walmart Card

Nov 14th

Michaela Krestenic – Won Bubble Guppies App

Nov 15th

Samantha Davis – Won $10 iTunes Card

Nov 16th

Catanna Garcia – Won 6 Santa ornaments for the Christmas Tree

Nov 17th

Tammy Stoddard martin – won singing green christmas tree

Nov 18th

Deveri Hurtado – Won Angry Bird ornament

Nov 19th

Jenny Ford – Won Angel night light

Nov 20th

Sara Boeghoefer – Won Curious George Christmas Movie

Nov 21st

Brad Essary – Won It’s a Wonderful Life movie

Nov 22nd

Erin McKain – won Kelly Clarkson Christmas cd

Nov 23rd

Jeff Jess Horton – Won iPad mini

Nov 24th

Caren Sue evans – won Social express App
Teri Turner – won pair of Jeans for grandson
Jennifer Grillo – Won Complete Piano App
Lasheka King – won Diapers for her child
Becky Walker – won $50 Toys r Us gift Card

Nov 25th

Amy Helmuth – Won Mickey Mouse App

Nov 26th

Mary Elizabeth – Won Snowman bath set

Nov 27th

Kelli Chamberlin – won Despicable Me 2 movie

Nov 28th

Brian Marchesseault – won nintendo Wii U

Nov 29th

Stormy Gonzalez – Won Charlie Brown Christmas App

Nov 30th

Margot Owen – Won Avaz App
Carlota Manzano – Won Conversation Builder Teen App
Deb Laramee Infante – Won Conversation Builder Teen App
Kimberly Yard – Won Conversation Builder Teen App
Christina McKay – Won Conversation Builder Teen App
Shannon Dawn – Won Conversation Builder Teen App

Dec 1st

Sarah Thibault – won Panda Pal video sequencing App

Dec 2nd

Kerry Dages Holder – won Fun with Directions App

December 2nd:
Margot Owen – Avaz App
Sarah Thibault – Video Sequencing App.
Kerry Dages Holder – Fun with Directions App

December 4th:
Tabitha Blackwood – 7.5ft Pre-lit Christmas Tree
Melanie Hawk – $10 FarmVille Gift Card
Becky Kyler-Walker – $10 FarmVille GiftCard
Samantha Destiny Davis – The Photo Cookbook App

December 5th:
Donna Johnson Hill – Elmo Christmas figure

December 6th:
Terra Parrish – Dora Christmas Movie

December 7th:
Lynette Trease – Santa Merry Band App

December 8th:
Jennifer Johns – The Social Express Interactive Software App
Brian Lay -The Social Express Interactive Software App
Erin McKain – The Social Express Interactive Software App
Fredi Bertoli – iSequences Apps
Sarah Thibault – iSequences Apps
Michelle Michell – iSequences Apps
Christina Kugler – iSequences Apps
Melanie Hawk – iSequences Apps
Stacy W – ABC Christmas Santa App

December 9th:
Jessica Soto – $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card

December 10th:
Leslie Daniels – $50 Home Depot Gift Card

December 11:
Melissa Cochran – $50 Home Depot Gift Card

December 13:
Traci Green – iPod Shuffle + $15 iTunes Gift Card

December 15:
Kristy Landers Sensenig – Thinking Putty (Restoration Hardware)
Cynthia Rodriguez -Camp Light (Restoration Hardware)
Kathleen Wermuth – Fingerprint Set (Restoration Hardware)
Kimberly Fawn Reese- Super Hero Costume (Restoration Hardware)
Sara Berghoefer – Kaleidoscope (Restoration Hardware)

December 16:
Veronica Ferguson – M&Ms & Rudolph Christmas Ornaments

December 17:
Jennifer Joy Brooking – $25 iTunes Gift Card

December 18:
Tonya Johnson – Mystery Math Town App

December 19:
Laura Limon – National Geographic kids magazine subscription

December 20:
Melissa Grembowicz – Netflix Subscription

Kathleen Winters – Netflix Subscription

Colleen Harrigan Corcoran -Netflix Subscription

December 21:
Monica Smith – iPad mini

Brianna Horney-Hauck – Netflix subscription

December 23:
Beulah Wuellner – Netflix subscription

Kim Herchek – Tricycle for her son

December 25th:
Mishon Johnson – $20 iTunes

December 26th:
Christine Rodda – $10 iTunes
Emily Holt – $10 iTunes

December 27th:
Rebecca Griskey – Avaz App

Patricia Davis – understanding your child’s sensory signals book

December 29th:
Laurie Yankowitz – Teachers ask about sensory integration book

December 30th:
Rachel Columb Vezina – $15 iTunes Gift Card

December 31st:
Andrew Burkhart – $15 iTunes Gift Card
Miguel Herrera – 64gb iPad with 300+ Apps

January 1st:
Melissa Waller Longshore – iPad 1

January 2nd:
Shannon Lewis Haltom – FitBit

January 2nd:
Denise Taylor-Dennis – Montessori App

January 3rd:
Denise Christine Vogel – The Croods Movie

January 4th:
Laura Limon – Sofia The First App

January 5th:
Carla Oldham- $10 iTunes GC

January 6th:
Sherri Cottle Killough- Picture the Sentence App

January 7th:
Bobbi Smith -Language Builder App

January 8th:
Michelle Beausoleil Helferich- POV App

January 9th:
Kimberlee Spry- any movie

January 10th:
Tina Fiore- US Map Floor Puzzle

January 11th:
Lindsay Feerrar- Speech Bin Special Needs Speech Therapy Book

January 12th:
Tina M. Johnson- $15 iTunes GC

January 13th:
Ginger Coursey Sain- Preposition Builder App

January 14th:
Jenn Schoenfeld- AVAZ – Making every voice App

January 15th:
Kris Kelly- nominate someone for an iTunes card $15

Janurary 16th:
Kari Wagoner- Won Smurf movie

January 17th:
Katie Lambert- Won $15 iTunes card

January 18th:
Stephen Mack- Won Chiggington App

January 19th:
Jenna Marie- Won Little Things: Forever App

January 20th:
Teri Robinson- Won “Arrival” album from ABBA

January 21st:
Kathy Phillips- Won January Wish recipient

January 22nd:
Erin Eyster-McKain- Won Fun with Verbs and Sentences app
Lisa Baker- Won Fun with Verbs and Sentences app
Heather Hinman- Won Fun with Verbs and Sentences app
Brenda Peters- Won Fun with Verbs and Sentences app
Michelle Michell- Won Fun with Verbs and Sentences app

January 23rd:
Julie Ward Howerton- Won Barbie movie

January 24th:
Wassi Chamsy Homeschooling- Won Little Red Riding Hood app

January 25th:
Christina McKay- Won TripTrap App

January 26th:
Marlana Gowder Jones- Won Tool Bag

January 27th:
Kimberly Gaeth -Won Into The Wild movie

January 28th:
Tracy Machel Ferricher Clark- Won Jungle giraffe peel and wall growth chart

January 29th:
Caren Sue Evans- Won Between the Lines app
Donna Johnson Hill- Won Between the Lines app
Debbie Lemke- Won Between the Lines app
Kimberlee Spry- Won Between the Lines app

January 30th:
Shannon Hayes- Won Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs movie

January 31st:
Robin Hatch- Won $10 iTunes gift cards
Shara Barlage Kuehl- Won $10 iTunes gift cards

February 2014

February 1st:
Angela Bouyack McKean- Won Home Depot $25 gift card

February 2nd:
Shanna Marlow- Won iPad recipient from A4

February 3rd:
Kim Bowling Daniels- Won Home Depot $25 gift card
Catharine Riley Porter- Won Emotion Detective App
April Conyers Williams- Won Emotion Detective App
Michelle Michell- Won Emotion Detective App
Liane Davis- Won Emotion Detective App

February 4th:
Kelly Ford Yaw- Won $10 iTunes card

February 5th:
Heather Haigh- Won Bauer- 6ft cable
Jennifer Ann Reed- Won Bauer- 6ft cable
Barbara Blake Wakefield- Won Bauer- 6ft cable
Heather Hinman- Won Bauer- 6ft cable
Crystal Maul- Won Bauer- 6ft cable

February 6th:
Ann D. Forell- Won $10 iTunes card

February 7th:
Erin Paine- Won $10 iTunes card

February 8th:
Naomi Chitwood Tharp- Won $10 iTunes card

February 9th:
Kim Huebner McNeil- Won $100 Avaz App

February 10th:
Genevieve McIntyre Angeloff- Won $25 Home depot card

February 11th:
Rebecca Smith-Brooke- Won Marcopolo Ocean App

February 12th:
Percilla Livingston- Won $10 iTunes Gift Card

February 13th:
Cindy Crawford- Won App of your choice under $10

February 14th:
Holly Baker- won Flowers

February 15th:
Wendy Demeski- Won $10 iTunes Gift Card

February 16th:
Christy Story- Won Time Timer App

February 17th:
Dolores Rodriguez- Won Rainbow Sentences App

February 18th:
Robin R Wagner- Won Story Builder App

February 19th:
Amy Hartwig- Preposition Builder App

February 20th:
Tina M. Johnson- Fun with Directions App

February 21st:
Rob N Jen Hayes- Won $10 Target gift card

February 22nd:
Jessi Whitt Elliott- Won Target $10 gift card

February 23rd:
Patty-and James Lenburg- Won Target $10 gift card

February 24th:
Laurie Muldoon Shomo- Won Conversation Builder Teen App

February 25th:
Ellie Boling- Won Sesame Street Video on iTunes

February 26th:
Jessica Edwards- Won Reading Raven App
Andrea King Hausz French- Won Reading Raven App
Tina M. Johnson- Won Reading Raven App
Loretta Roberts- Won Reading Raven App
Leeat Medalion- Won Reading Raven App

February 27th:
Beth Fitzgerald Comella- Won something from Dr. Seuss
Kristen Lewandowski- Won something from Dr. Seuss
Dana Funkhouser- Won something from Dr. Seuss
Hillary Smith Mellett- Won something from Dr. Seuss
Christina McKay- Won something from Dr. Seuss
Sarah Blinzler Bennett- Won something from Dr. Seuss

February 28th:
Dawn Kosmala Rauch- Won Twelve Years a Slave iTunes Movie

March 2014

March 1st:
Kathleen Mireles- Won Dallas Buyers Club iTunes Movie

March 2nd:
Andrew Burkhart- Won iPad recipient from A4

March 3rd:
Meagan Leigh McCall- Won $10 Target card

March 4th:
Sara Berghoefer- Won Dr. Seuss book
Kimberlee Spry- Won Dr. Seuss book
Laquitta Jones Washington- Won Dr. Seuss book
Jennifer Wilson-Won Dr. Seuss book
Shari Lynn- Won Dr. Seuss book

March 5th:
Heather Collins- Won Minions iTunes Movie

March 6th:
Sherri Buskirk Mericle- Won Mr Thorne Does Phonics App
Julia Epps- Won Mr Thorne Does Phonics App
Karen Hinkle- Won Mr Thorne Does Phonics App
Becky Bell- Won Mr. Thorne Does Phonics App
Ann A. Doran- Won Mr. Thorne Does Phonics App
Annette Ibata- Won Mr. Thorne Does Phonics App
Kathleen Mireles- Won Mr. Thorne Does Phonics App
Karen Evans Radice- Won Mr. Thorne Does Phonics App
Tiffany Mullings- Won Mr. Thorne Does Phonics App
Kristina Brown- Won Mr. Thorne Does Phonics App

March 7th:
Bobbi Smith Westerns- Won Conversation Builder Teen App

March 8th:
Cheri Cunningham Sloniger- Won Tin Tin iTunes Movie

March 9th:
Lisa Baker- Won iSort Words App
Kathy Phillips- Won iSort Words App
Caren Sue Evans- Won iSort Words App
Natalie Marie- Won iSort Words App
Heather Hinman- Won iSort Words App
Jenna Marie- Won iSort Words App
Marissa Furesz- Won iSort Words App
Dolores Rodriguez- Won iSort Words App
Kathleen Mireles- Won iSort Words App
Wassi Chamsy Homeschooling- Won iSort Words App

44 Responses to 365 days of giving

  1. Debbie says:

    I have been part of A4 for over a year and a half, and I am constantly amazed at what you do! The generosity and support is like none other! Thank you for everything you do!

  2. Thanks for all that you do! We are so grateful for the iPad that Johnny won for Christmas 2012! But, it’s more than just winning the iPad. I’m so thankful for the new friendships that have developed from being a part of the @a4cwsn community! Thanks, G. You and your family are doing wonderful thing and making a difference in the lives of many children…and their families. I love your app reviews. :)

  3. Jean M Woodcock says:

    A4cwsn’s “365 Days of Gifts” is a wonderful program. It rises above many other well intentioned efforts, in that it actually delivers. I know it is not just you Gary, it is the team you have plus all of us in the community.
    Checking out the links for the software is wonderful, even for me who does not have a special child in this way, only friends who do. I see the software and ability to access it as a way to enrich our children. So much is figuring out how to reach and communicate, so we both understand each other. This takes so many attempts with some and others blossom right away. Empowering children of all ages with communication, reading, math, social and so many other skills is a gift beyond definition.
    In 2013 we had Secret Santa’s, an Adopted Family and so many other give-a-way. I just became a part of this community in the fall. It’s great! 2014 will bring a cruise to a “family”, repeat what worked in 2013 and I’m sure a host of new things.
    I hope in 2014 that the word continues to grow and that more and more is available for our children with special needs. I hope that the word “children”, as we see them, continues to educate a larger group of people and can open our reach to those “children” still in need. Children with special needs have no age boundaries.

  4. Michelle Michell says:

    A4 is the best rescource I have ever had and therd are soooooo many members willing yo give advice where they can:)) A4 is family to me and my children:) I have been blessed to be a paet of somethibg very special with A4 the AWESOME G Gary James whom dors a fantastic job shaeibg yhe love and care around the world not just limited to America:) Keep up the awesome job G U R MY ROCK CHEERS

  5. Erin McKain says:

    I have had the pleasure of winning the social express app for my twins with ASD, ADHD and sensory issues as well as delays. This has helped so much! You have an amazing heart and are so helpful to so many!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for all of us!

  6. Sabrina Howard says:

    God Bless You for making life better for all our kids.

  7. Erica says:

    Thank you so much!!

  8. Alisa Woods says:

    Gary is generous and awesome. Kids with special needs benefit from ipads. This is actually established by research. This program is fantastic. See for example:

    Res Dev Disabil. 2013 Jan;34(1):147-56. doi: 10.1016/j.ridd.2012.07.027. Epub 2012 Aug 30.
    Using iPods(®) and iPads(®) in teaching programs for individuals with developmental disabilities: a systematic review.

  9. Tamara Roettger says:

    I believe in everything Gary is doing for our children. What he is doing is so amazing. Thank you Gary!

  10. Tami says:

    Thank you for all you do for so many families
    And kids. If you ever get to Montana we would
    Love you meet you and your family and show
    You around

  11. Chloe N'me says:

    Just one more benefit of being a member of the A4CWSN community. Gary & Co. are always hard at work finding new ways to enrich the lives of these children without regard to gender, age, location or diagnosis. I am often left speechless at the lengths he will go to, the depths of his devotion, the insight he has into the psyche of our children. G, you are truly a gift from God! p.s. you can find us on the list: Nov.8, 2013. :)

  12. Shaz Ali says:

    A4CWSN thanking you immensely for your dedication to kids with special needs! Your dedication and generosity moves me! Parents like myself are blessed to have angels like yourself that look over our children! ❤️

  13. Brandi Powers says:

    Mr. Gary, I have a 6 yr. Old son with high-functioning Autism, severe developmental delays, speech delays, OCD, ADHD, cerebral palsy, n I can’t get him into school because in the county we live in don’t have the proper Autsim program that the special laws require but nobody seems to care… If I would be chosen To win an IPad for my child it would be the greatest gift in the world because it would open up a whole new world of education for him. He plays on my old computer n loves it, but when we have to leave the house to go to appts. Or to visit family or friends he has awful meltdowns because he don’t have his computer. He has learned so much already using the computer so I can only imagine what he can learn if he had an IPad…. God Bless u for helping these special kid!!! It take a speical person like u to understand what we as parents n what our kiddos have to deal with on a everyday bases… Happy New Year to u n ur family!!! Thx 4 everything u do!!

  14. Maggie Hicks says:

    Mr G Thank you so much for making dreams come true for kiddos that have many different special needs. These kiddos deal with so much prejudice in their life…it might be as simple as going to the store or out to eat and they have ppl that judge them just bc they might have a tick, or noise might bother them so they get the stares when they are out bc of a melt down. Ppl making rude comments like can’t you control your child or they need a good spanking. You don’t judge but try to make life easier whether to give them iPads, iTunes Cards, different toys that kids are interested in, to watch movies for a month for free and your list never ends. You never stop helping. No matter the disability. God will bless you greatly. ❤️

  15. Melanie Hawk says:

    This was a most amazing experience…. I appreciate so very very much the joy of receiving the gifts. Our family also had the wonderful opportunity to send in Hot Wheels to a young child for his amazing Christmas 2013 wish. I enjoy this site and the news feeds and have found many things to ponder about and to further learn and explore with my special needs child as well as my neuro-typical child. I appreciate so very much the community efforts and encouragement that is shown daily as we group together as parents, families, children, friends, and teachers in the ultimate sacrifices to gather knowledge to gain the skills and tools to help our most profound youth become the amazing individuals that they are all capable of and beyond my wildest imagination. Thank you so very much! With love from the Hawk Family :-)

  16. Lisa Baker says:

    What an amazing 365 days this will be. I was fortunate to win an iTunes gift card for my son. music is his passion, and helps him through the toughest days, it calms him and helps him cope with a world that sometimes is not understanding of his daily struggles. Thank you A4CWSN and Gary, we believe in you and this ever growing community.

  17. Donna Hill says:

    Hello there G I have been a member of A4 for a year now and love what you are doing for this community. My heart was touched by the joy you helped others receive during what could have been a difficult time. Through your generosity families had a joyous Christmas and this spirit of giving is continuing through out the year, Thank you so much for your generosity and heartfelt memories for years to come. Happy New Year and may 2014 be an abundance of blessing for you and your family.

  18. Sara says:

    This is a great thing that A4 is doing. I was lucky enough to win 2 prizes for my son who has ASD, ADHD, Dyspraxia, & Dysgraphia. Gary is doing something special and in turn encourages others to do the same.

  19. Kristie Ogden says:

    This is one of the most amazing giveaways I have ever seen. The work that Gary and A4 do to help children with special needs is just beyond generous. They give so much of themselves every single day to give to children who are so often swept under the carpet and forgotten or passed off as naughty children who have just been spoilt by their parents. This group and this particular giveaway enable many children and parents of special needs children to get that special little something or sometimes a life changing gift from an amazing person and group. Will always be grateful to the wonderful people behind A4 for all that they do.

  20. christy story says:

    What an awesome organization!!! You are able to give families and children with special needs a very special gift; independence! As a parent of a child with special needs independence is the one thing I strive to provide my child with everyday. Many people do not realize how important independence is to each of us. It may come in many shapes or forms but it is all around us and taken for granted many times. Thank you so much for helping families!!!

  21. Tina Taylor says:

    This is an amazing job. Helping so many a kids and parents. My daughter is 14 with autism and epilepsy and there are always challenges for sure, just getting her to communicate her wants is sometimes insurmountable but must be done and is. We all want our kiddos to have it easier and not have to fight so hard for what most take for granted . With the help of some good apps and an iPad it has helped some. Gary you have helped to give many children a voice they may not have otherwise had.i appreciate the apps you have shown us to help with our journey.

  22. Robin Hatch says:

    Amazing site and very thankful for all that you do for all the kids and families that you have helped and will be helping in the future. So glad that I was referred to your site a year ago.

  23. This is one of the most AMAZING, BLESSED & RESOURCEFUL sights I have ever joined and glad that I did. Every day is something of interest and fun to see how she can succeed in little ways we take for granted. Gary is such an awesome person for starting this on facebook and twitter now to be able to reach many many people and families. Everyone in our group and Gary and his families are all remembered in our daily prayers and although we have never met, it feels like we have known each other since childhood! May your 2014 year be blessed even more than you can imagine. Happy New Year Everyone!

  24. Holly Rupple Walker says:

    Hi G, I have a son whom is autistic. He is 6 almost 7. we found out that he is autistic when he was almost 2. He is nonverbal. He screams alot he has spd. He only eats a handful of things. I don’t have the right things to say to win but I will keep trying. He is such an amazing child you wouldn’t believe

  25. rachel says:

    im honored to be part of such an amazing group! although i have only meet a couple i feel i know each of them@! what is done here is such a blessing to all families. i love the support that comes from all over its wonderful. i look forward to reading the stories and seeing the posts everyday. may God bless you and your family! thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

  26. I am continually amazed at the love and support that has been poured out in recent months at A4cwsn. I was so thankful to receive iTune dollars for my classroom/therapy use, but was so blessed to be able to be a Secret Santa to one of the little ones in this community. Tears and laughter combined as I watched this little guy look through the box I sent. What greater joy that to know you have helped another….and thankfully, that’s what Gary James gets to do every day at A4…..Gary , you have the best job on the planet!! Thanks again for everything you do! And many, many thanks for all the companies and individuals who support Gary’s mission! Happy New Year!!! May A4cwsn make your 2014 just a little brighter!!! nmb slp

  27. Electra Masterson says:

    Everyday I am more amazed at how much you are helping others. Children everywhere are LIVING a better life, not just surviving, because of what you’re doing. Don’t ever let the haters and the doubters stop you. The smiles you’re putting on the little faces are what matters most.

    Mom of a 5yo Amazing Son, who just happens to be autistic & nonverbal

  28. angela says:

    Thanks for everything you are doing.

  29. Judy Ray says:

    I work with children that have special needs and have a wonderful 27 year old with CP and is a wheelchair user. I love him with all my being.

  30. Kim McKelvie says:

    Thank you so much for all you do. Every gift no matter how big or how small make a huge difference in our children’s or grandchildren’s live.

    May god bless and keep you and your family safe this upcoming year

  31. Veronica says:

    What you do for our children is wonderful. We received our Rudolph and M&M ornaments for our tree. Thank you and the Secret Santas for everything that they did and you do for all of our families. Have a Blessed New Year!!

  32. Liz campbell says:

    This is such a great idea. You have helped so many families of kids with special needs. Keep doing what you are doing Gary. The world is a better place because of you!

  33. Kathy Phillips says:

    Everything you do for the special children and this community for the caregivers is truly a blessing. It is a shame that there are not more giving caring people in this world. Keep up the great work you do and thank you for A4cwsn.

  34. Tammy M says:

    I wish I could help people the way you do. I wish people had bigger hearts and less greed in the world. What you have done and to is just amazing. Congratulations to all the winners and all the ones to come. Dont let anyone bring you down G

  35. Elisha Miller says:

    Hi, I think its wonderful the things you do for families. I have a 3yr old son who diagnosed a year ago and its been such a struggle but a wonderful experience as well. It has taught me a lot of about myself and my son amazes me everyday with simple things as using his hands to ask for more. Keep up the great and wonderful work you do!!!

  36. Amanda Case says:

    What you do is awe inspiring. “365 Days of Giving” has touched so many people thus far, and there is still more to come. My daughter absolutely loves the Little Critter app we were gifted, explaining to her what you do has inspired her to help anybody she can. You are an inspiration Gary.

  37. Lynette Trease says:

    Thank You for the Santa Merry Band App! The girls are getting so much enjoyment from it! We deeply appreciate everything you do for so many…

  38. Laura Limon says:

    Thank you for all you do! This is so generous of you!
    My kiddo will love her magazine!

    God bless you. I have been telling all her therapists to refer people to your site!

  39. Sabrina Howard says:

    Hi, this is amazing what you do. Wish I had the resources to do this for families everywhere. I have a resently diagnosed 3 yr old son with ASD, SPD & Disruptive behavior disorder. Each day is a challenge, but I love seeing the world through my 3 yr olds eyes. I am his only advocate. I am always searching for ways to make his way of life more understanding to myself. He daily teaches me to become a better person. This is a road I am enjoying daily with him as it’s full speed ahead for us..lol God Bless you Mr. Gary for all you do to help us. Thanks so much for this. I enjoy having the support of other parents to talk with. Happy New Year to you & yours!!

  40. Melissa Shinabargar says:

    Look at all of these!!! this is such a wonderful thing you do!!

  41. christy story says:

    Thank You so much!!!!

  42. Wendy Stone says:

    FANTASTIC!!!!! May God bless you all & your sweet families!!

  43. Danette Strader says:

    Please consider my four year old son with autism gor an iPad. Being a single mom of four I cant provide it for him.. It would really be a blessing. Although he is nonverbal the smile on his face would say it all!

    Thanks Gary!

  44. Bridget says:

    This is so kind and wonderful of you to do. Thank you!

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