Fifty iPads. Fifty States. Fifty Children with Special Needs

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50 iPads, 50 States, 50 children CONGRATULATIONS

1. Alabama – Margie Slemp
2. Alaska – Noelle Sandiford
3. Arizona – Charles Hawkins
4. Arkansas – Tammy Hillis
5. California – Rebecca Cox
6. Colorado – Meredith Rozdiilsky
7. Connecticut – Jen Widlar
8. Delaware – Lori Newcomer
9. Florida – Sabrina McCary
10. Georgia – Fay LaFrage
11. Hawaii – Kelly Anderson
12. Idaho – Stephanie McBride
13. Illinois – Candace Carney
14. Indiana – Erica Rollins
15. Iowa – Soja Tobin
16. Kansas – Katia Pareira
17. Kentucky – Buelah Wuellner
18. Louisiana – Tara Millet
19. Maine – Courtney Phillips
20. Maryland – Rebecca Simon
21. Massachusetts – Stacy Shore
22. Michigan – Linda Bradmon
23. Minnesota – Beth Wilde
24. Mississippi – Rachael Whisenant
25. Missouri – Rebecca Cannon
26. Montana – Cindy Buckner
27. Nebraska – Jessica Jenson
28. Nevada – Susie Nalty
29. New Hampshire – Melanie Cornell
30. New Jersey – Corrie Gaspar
31. New Mexico – Rachel Kemp
32. New York – Karen Heald Bess
33. North Carolina – Pam Howard
34. North Dakota – Nanci Gale Wilson
35. Ohio – Melissa Bennett
36. Oklahoma – Nhora Magill
37. Oregon – Angela Doescher
38. Pennsylvania – Jennifer Boyd
39. Rhode Island – Laura Tirell
40. South Carolina – Kelli Morton
41. South Dakota – Michael Whiting
42. Tennessee – Joy Caffrey
43. Texas – Rumisha Rice
44. Utah – Jayme Richards
45. Vermont – Michelle Gagne
46. Virginia – Stacie Mikels
47. Washington – Deborah Walker
48. West Virginia – Carrie Shephard
49. Wisconsin – Kari Smith
50. Wyoming – Andrea Watkins

With your support, A4cwsn is aiming to provide 50 iPads for 50 Children with Special Needs in 50 States. This is only achievable if we all join together and make an effort to raise enough funds to make this happen.

Can you help us in this worthy cause?

Developers can help by:
1. Donating $100 (this gets your name involved with the campaign and added to a special page on a4cwsn)
2. Organising some fundraising events within your own organisation
3. Providing 50 codes to put your App on every iPad.

Businesses Can help by:
1: Sponsoring the Trip to deliver the iPads and raising awareness of our cause by Donating $500
2. Making any type of donation
3. Make us your company of the month and hold a fundraiser in your company
4. Match all donations for a day or set period of time up to a certain amount.

Parents can get involved by:
1. Holding fundraisers in your State / Town
2. Blogging about it on your personal Blog / Facebook / Twitter
3. Writing an email to local businesses in your area and asking them to get involved
4. Getting friends and families involved in raising funds too
5. Donating any amount to the campaign.
6. Getting your company to donate to this great cause

A4cwsn will carefully select one worthy family from each State to receive the iPads from the iPad 4 U campaign entries.

Every single Penny raised goes into the Campaign and the purchase of iPads.

Please click HERE to donate to the campaign

If you would like to be considered as one of the 50 families to receive an iPad please submit your entries under the iPad4U tab.(No need to redo if you have done so already)

Remember, even if you already have an iPad, become part of something that has an immediate impact on a child’s life, Please donate or help to raise awareness and lets unite the country in this amazing and life changing way.

You may also DONATE via PAYPAL by clicking on the button below.

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