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249 Responses to iPad mini giveaway

  1. Jenny & LoveBug says:

    Would love the chance to win one for my daughter, she is 2 1/2 and diagnosed with moderate Autism. She is receiving therapy but is still non-verbal. Her speech therapist uses a IPad with her and she Loves it. Being a single disabled mom on a extremely fixed budget, cant afford to buy one for her. Hate not being able to buy the things she truly needs to help her progress.

  2. Linda Stojakowski says:

    I’d love to win this!

  3. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    For our non verbal son, this is an amazing opportunity.

  4. Jacquie Albright says:

    I am a single mother of a 10 year old daughter, Taylor, who is diagnosed with mild to moderate autism, epilepsy and ID. I teach agriculture education and career skills to 8th and 9th grade students in a public school. My classes are mixed with gen ed students and those with a variety of challenges. This item could be used both at home and in the elective classes students are enrolled in each day.

  5. Kelly says:

    Just found your page via instagram hash tags! My 4yr old has a rare chromosome deletion and autistic behavior that puts him behind his peers. This would be a great tool in his learning! Thanks for the chance!

  6. Jennifer says:

    My son needs an AAC device and our insurance/ school won’t pay for an ipad

  7. kimberly williams says:

    I have tried to get this many times for my 13 year old who is non-verbal and becoming increasingly aggressive. She gets frustrated easily and doesn’t know how to tell us what she is feeling. This would be a great tool for her to effectively communicate her needs/wants.

  8. beulah w says:

    I would love to win one for our special needs daughter. She struggles daily and this would be so nice for her.

  9. Ronda Page says:

    Wow, what an opportunity! All 3 of my kids have special needs, 2 with autism and 1 with mild cp. Thanks! Also praying for you, G and hope you are doing much better.

  10. Dorothy McClave says:

    This would be so awesome. We have 6 kids so funds are tight. Especially since hubby was tecently forced to retire after a bad car accident. Our youngest is 8 and has ASD and loves my iPhone. There are some fabulous apps out there. It would be so wonderful to have an iPad for him to use as a reward for good behavior. He is working hard to improve his behavior after a bad setback and two week inpatient hospitalization. I liked all the FB pages, however info. Not know anything about twitter and don’t have an account. Thank you for the opportunity to receive one of the iPads you are offering.

  11. Johanna says:

    Thanks for a great chance. Sorry I don’t have a twitter account. Hope it doesn’t disqualify me. I have two disable children. My oldest son is on the autism spectrum and my youngest son has multiple types of Epilepsy and 50% delayed all around. Thanks for the chance.

  12. Shannon Rowsey says:

    A wonderful gift this would be for my 9 year old daughter who is diagnosed with classic autism and sensory processing disorder. This would be so beneficial to her education and a true blessing. She would absolutely love it! Thank you for the opportunity to win this for her!

  13. Shannon Rowsey says:

    A wonderful gift this would be for my 9 year old daughter who is diagnosed with classic autism and sensory processing disorder. This would be so beneficial to her education and a true blessing. She would absolutely love it! Thank you for the opportunity to win this for her! ☺

  14. jennifer wilson says:

    Thank you

  15. Katie Jones says:

    My five year old son would love this he was born cleft lip cleft palate @2 he was diagnosed with autism just s few mounths ago he had his first seizure to findout he has epilepsy he has had a rough few years and he so deserves it..

  16. Deb says:

    I lost my job last month, and would appreciate being able to give my son $200 in Itunes.. I wish I could do more for him ….

  17. Andrea Wooldridge says:

    I would love to have my own iPad. I am a special education teacher, and I would use it for my students learning in my Academic Support Class.

  18. Deonna says:

    Would love the opportunity to win an iPad for our son
    He is learning how to read and I think it would come in to good use when he is with his staff they could work on reading as well as for the use at home .
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  19. lea says:

    would love an ipad for my daughter..

  20. Shirley Crowder says:

    Thank you so much for all the lives you touch!

  21. Deb P says:

    It would be wonderful to add $200 iTunes to the Ipad he won !!!!!

  22. amy kraus says:

    I work with autistic children and I currently am working with a severe non verbal child that could use an I pad. Thanks for your consideration.

  23. Lavonne says:

    What a great opportunity for children with special needs! This would be a huge help for my daughter who has apraxia!

  24. Mitchell Plaud says:

    Thanks for the chance! Last year my son Ethan was enrolled in a Speech Therapy program and this year he started an Occupational Therapy program due to his delay in speech and motor skills. Although it has been difficult at times because we wish that it was easier for him to comprehend and move forward, we have found comfort in sites such as this one and all the available tools to help us and my son. He loves your apps, but needs his own iPad. 😉 Thanks for everything you do and God bless you all.

  25. TRACY SIMMS says:

    thanks for this contest–happy MLK day to all!

  26. Kim says:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity. My daughter is special needs and she struggles with many things that I think an iPad could assist with. I’ve heard how amazing kids have done with these and I would love my daughter to have the same opportunity but we cannot afford to get one ourselves… thanks again for the chance.

  27. Christy Keen says:

    Would love to win the $200 iTunes card for my daughter who suffers from ADHD and a learning disability. Music seems to be the only thing that soothes her when she has been triggered or acting out. Thanks for the chance!!

  28. Mandi Gilliam says:

    I follow you on twitter and subscribed to your youtube! also and most importantly I just wanted to thank you for having such kind hearts. I have a son with Austism. And everyday is a struggle. He is 12 yrs old. Struggles with anxiety and handling things socially. He has ADHD. And its a really severe case according to the doctors. so I am willing to try anything that will help. I would love to get the apps to help him.

  29. Cheri says:

    These are awesome tools for helping with life skills!

  30. crystal says:

    Thank you for all that you do! Good luck everyone!

  31. Karin White says:

    This website and the gifting is wonderful for our special needs community! I have worked with special needs children since college, and my husband and I even adopted our special needs daughter, Hannah. She is the light of our life!

  32. Renee says:

    Your generosity is amazing. I am always excited to see the new links, information and apps you share. They have helped my child and other families in my system if care.

  33. Rachael Petty says:

    Thank you so much for this giveaway and the chance to win;)

  34. Ron Redmond says:

    Thank you!

  35. Nellie says:

    Thank you for ALL you do! I have learned so much from you over the last 2 years of following you.

  36. Angela Groves says:

    This competition has appeared just as I asked for a miracle. Thank you for your compassion for our special children.

  37. Matraca Baetz says:

    This would be wonderful to used in my special education classroom!

  38. I am raising my 12 year old grandson who has ADHD along with Cognitive Learning Disabilities. He receives a half day in a Special Education Classroom as this is all the time that is allotted by the School Board. I know that him having his own iPad would help him immensely especially when he’s in his regular classroom in the mornings as he has difficulties transferring work written on the blackboard to his workbook. I have been requesting one for him from the Board but I have been put off thus far. Thank you for the opportunity to win one by this contest.

  39. Kristi Brandon McDowell says:

    Thank you for all you do, you are amazing!

  40. Valerie Courtney says:

    This would be great for my son Dylan. We want to put touch chat on a mini for him as he has apraxia of speech and needs a dedicated communication device.

  41. phyllis Barr says:

    Great for our kids..

  42. Derek Jennings says:

    This would be really nice!

  43. tammy hedden says:

    Amazing what your doing here, being a single mom of 4 one whos is medically fragile and one with severe asthma its nice to see this !
    thanks …

  44. Melissa Christensen says:

    Ipad’s are amazing gifts for special needs kids. Thanks for all u do?

  45. Mary says:

    She needs this

  46. Alisha says:

    My daughter has Full Trisomy 13 syndrome and is 14 years old/ She would benefit so much from a gift like this.

  47. dj says:

    Changing the world, one family at a time. You rock! G!

  48. Sanda Backus says:

    My 6 yr old non verbal daughter Emerald is non verbal and has huge behavior issues as a result :-(
    She would benefit from an IPad Mini greatly. Thank you ♡!

  49. Wendy says:

    Thank you for the chance to win an iPad for my nonverbal daughter!

  50. Brenda CAvanaugh says:

    would love to win one for my class or my grandson who has Autism!

  51. Kim Valliere says:

    Wow thank you for the opportunity to win this IPad for my son he is non verbal and this would be so helpful. We appreciate your kindness and genourousity. Thank you

  52. thank you for the chance for my son who is borderline autistic to be able to win a educational device with will certainly will go to good use so fingers crossed xxxx

  53. Heather says:

    Would this for the students I work with!

  54. this would be wonderful. I have 2 with autism and they could def us the ipad. thanks for the chance

  55. Linda says:

    An ipad mini would be so helpful to my son Cameron!!

  56. Jessica says:

    We are starting back up for homeschooling.This would be a great learning tool for our special needs son.It would help with speech therapy/language apps. & so many more educational apps.

  57. Donna says:

    My daughter is 13 and nonverbal; we would like to start LAMP with her, as recommended by her SPL, but we need a tablet to use it on. This would be great!

  58. Jamie says:

    This would be wonderful for my 5 year old who is autistic and semi non-verbal. Please help me get him what he needs to learn.

  59. Tammy Martin says:

    Thank you for all that you do!! I would love the $200 iTunes gift card for my son. He recently was given an iPad 2. And he’s nonverbal and I would love to get him proloquo 2go. He uses that app at school and it works great. Thank u.

  60. Erin Eyster-Mckain says:

    Could so use $200 for the Ipad for my twins with autism. They are struggling in math and reading. Thanks A4!

  61. melissa says:

    I would love to win one of the iPads for my son. He has never had and we can’t afford but he does great on the ones in school. Thank you for all of these giveaways and apps.

  62. Terri Crooks says:

    This would be wonderful for my son who is non-verbal and the apps that are available are great. Any young person would really appreciate and enjoy something like this.

  63. Shelbie Bell says:

    I would love for Stacey Hurst to win one of these gifts. She is an awesome grandmother to an autistic grand daughter. She reads everything to help this beautiful child and is very hands on in raising her. Bailey is a beautiful child and has many challenges that Stacey meets head on. I would love to read her status saying she won one of these for Bailey.

  64. Sandra Inberg says:

    Thank you for a chance to win an iPad.

  65. Jaime Stone-McEnaney says:

    Thank you for this opportunity! You are amazing!!

  66. Annette Lutes says:

    It would be great to have an iPad Mini to give to one of my students that needs a voice of his own. I have several kids that are non-verbal but this one particular student doesn’t have the money to get on.

  67. Linda says:

    Wow! This would be awesome to win for my son!!!

  68. Barb Silvestro says:

    I continue to follow and read and support and am continuously amazed. We finally did a ‘gofundme’ fundraiser for my son who has high functioning autism ,ocd and adhd and got a used ipad. We only have a few free apps. Because he is high functioning he tends to fall through the cracks. He’s not ‘bad enough’ for alot of services. Anyway, an itunes gift certificate would be amazing – for music for him and for apps. Thank you for a great opportunity.

  69. luciana warman says:

    ty :)

  70. Diane says:

    thanks for the chance to win an iPad

  71. Shannon says:

    Thanks For all you do!!! My autistic son would love to wake up to an ipad Christmas morning

  72. thank you for the chance for my grandson to learn a lot I love your sir=te so helpful in teaching him new things

  73. Lori Smith says:

    Thank you for all you do!

  74. Terri says:

    It would be so wonderful to win one for my daughter. Thanks for being such a great company. :)

  75. lea says:

    My daughter who has asd will be 5 june 11. She is nonverbal and is currently using podd to communicate. We just had her iep andlearned that she has been getting to use the ipad with much success.everyone beloeves that she would benefit from a ipad a great deal.

  76. Deedra says:

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I know this will change a kids life forever. I know I have told you my sons story he is 8 now but when he was 3 he had a stroke and quite a few seizures and it changed our lives forever. He has a learning disability and he struggles a lot with reading and writing. He also has severe eczema on his hands which makes it hard for him to hold a pencil for long. But thanks for the opportunity to change my sons life. God bless you and your family.

  77. Barb says:

    I’ve been supporting this group, following the forum, loving great ideas, finding great apps (tho we don’t have an ipad yet) and just enjoying the ride. Thank you for what you do.
    Barb Silvestro – proud mom to neurotypical and nonneurotypical kiddos

  78. S. Kristen says:

    You guys continue to be amazing and help hundred of children. Shared your pages again to keep getting the word out there!

  79. Luis Baquera says:

    Thanks for investigating all these helpful apps for us parents/teachers/friends of special people!

  80. Denise Bohman says:

    This would be such a great help for my autistic children. If I don’t win I am hoping someway I might be able to buy one eventually.

  81. Karen Pratt says:

    A4 – making education fun and available to so many!

  82. JV Nino says:

    THE go-to website when it comes to educational apps for the kids!! Awesome!

  83. Kristen says:

    You’re awesome!

  84. Margot Owen says:

    What an incredibly generous gift. This will be one lucky kid!

  85. Kellie Wiley says:

    Thank you for holding these raffles. I know that who ever wins this will be greatly blessed.

  86. Robin says:

    Great to have apps for special needs kiddos!

  87. Patricia o says:

    Shared on FB! Thanks for all you do!

  88. Cara Cherry says:

    Thank you for the 100 apps list!

  89. Cara Cherry says:

    Thanks for such an awesome opportunity and for the 100 apps list!

  90. Great apps! Will have to check them out.

  91. Nichole says:

    Thank you for the wonderful things you are doing

  92. AKing says:

    My 4.5 year old is verbal but is really struggling right now. He has ideas he just can’t get across :(

    ASD with expressive and receptive language disorders and CAP. He is quick on computers but I’m a single mom who can’t even come close to affording one of these. I wish every family in need had one, us included!

  93. Allison D says:

    Our son Gavin is a spunky 16 month old who loves our iPhones. He has learning disabilities and would benefit greatly from an iPad!!! What a great give away!

  94. My longing dreams to have an ipad… Thank you for this opportunity.And hoping my luck will begins here..

  95. karen hinkle says:

    I am sharing this is a great thing for a special person to get a great gift to learn

  96. John says:

    Thank you for giving us an opportunity to win a mini ipad. It would be awesome fir my 16 year old son whom loves to play games and learn educational things on it at school. Great apps you have on hear too. I work with disabled kids and adults and have seen them excel using your apps. Kudos to you.

  97. Bridgett says:

    I have a friend with 2 autistic twins, 13 year old boys. Non-Verbal. Winning this iPad would mean the absolute world to them!!! Thanks for all you do Gary and to your supporters too!

  98. Heather says:

    would love one for my nonverbal son as an alternative communication device and to help with therapies especially motor planning and gesturing and sounds

  99. Melanie Hawk says:

    I love your Top 100 App page. It is a great starting point for anyone looking for new apps to add on or to continue in aiding our children. Thank you and Way to go! :-)

  100. djFaul says:

    Thank you for a wonderful community!
    I know it began bc of Benjamiin, but your dedication has touched so many lives – we’ll never be the same!!

  101. deanna says:

    We love your apps. Thank you for having such a great page!

  102. Leigh-Ann Murphy says:

    I love this site, shared and liked and thank you for all good and awareness.

  103. Denise Misiak says:

    My grand daughter could use this very much, I saw her today use the therapists and was so proud of her!

  104. clint odeza says:

    thank you for creating wonderful apps for kids and giving awesome prizes

  105. arra odeza says:

    thank you for the sponsor pages! more power! A4 rocks!

  106. Rebeca mayfield says:

    This is a great thing for children

  107. jessica says:

    I have tried to win an ipad for my son for months. It truly would be a blessing for my son not only at home but at school. Due to the amount of writing expected of my son as a freshman. The fits and backsliding that this issue has caused would be greatly helped with the help of an ipad. The school is able to download his worksheets and programs so he can follow in class without getting behind.

  108. Andrea Clemens-Dunbar says:

    This is such a great thing you all are doing for our special-needs children! I have a 9 year old son with an extremely rare genetic disorder called Angelmans Syndrome. He is non-verbal, so we have to use sign language and picture cards to communicate. Winning an iPad Mini would make communicating so much easier for us. Whether we win or not, one kid’s life will be made so much better due to the generosity of your company. Have a great week and God Bless!!!

  109. Elle says:

    Thanks for another amazing giveaway and all this site does for children with special needs. Those apps looks really great and helpful.

  110. Dawn Monzu says:

    This is such an awesome giveaway! You guys do amazing work. God bless you all, and good luck to all!

  111. LaDonna Buis says:

    Thank you VERY much for this opportunity.. I have always thought you all were soo thoughtful and caring for others. Thanks for all you do. I dont need to go into detail over and over, I just know this is much needed in my home and would be greatly appreciated and greatful if I won this for a very special person.. Thanks and GOOD LUCK to all!

  112. My son Skyler will be 3 on April 14th and is non verbal. It’d be great for him to be able to have his own iPad so he can use it to communicate with. His therapists recommends iPads as they have so many great learning apps. And communication apps. What your doing is amazing Gary! Keep up he great work :)

  113. kathy says:

    What a true blessing this gift will be. Thanks to all who make this happen!

  114. beth kelsay-embrey says:

    LOVE the 100 app page! Those are some pretty amazing apps!

  115. Kristen says:

    Thank you for all that you do!! I have been sharing on twitter and facebook to help further the word on these awesome apps and what you do! Thanks Again!

  116. Steven says:

    I hope some day to get an iPad for my daughters. We know they work well in their homeschooling. Thank you for all you do to help kids!

  117. Addie says:

    My son Tyler (6 years old) has DS and needs am ipad to use as a communication device. Thanks for all you do for special families☺

  118. Patty says:

    IPad would be perfect for my non verbal grandson who is 2&a half .

  119. Debbi pounds says:

    I thought this was already published and can’t find my response in the comments. My four year old has autism and ds and is non verbal. In ot he uses the iPad to communicate and it helps him! I am planning on home schooling him and we have started and the ipadwould help in our schooling! Thank you !

  120. Cheryl says:

    Crossing my fingers. This would be great to win so I could use it for a fundraiser for 4 Paws for Ability who will be giving my son a service dog once one is trained for him.

  121. Kathleen M. says:

    As always thank you for everything you do for our community. God bless!!

  122. lucianahowell says:

    Bella 5yrs. old classic autism,sod/onh,epilepsy,global development al delay,spd,php,…can not afford to buy one.i know she would benefit much from this.

  123. Diane says:

    I am so happy to see you giving away ipad’s I really need one for my son he has HFA and I would love to be able to use some of these great apps with him.

  124. Ann Forell says:

    I am an Early Interventionist in Kansas. I work with families with Infants & Toddlers with special needs. Funds are alway slim for our agency. Currently I use my personal iPad at work. I would like to win this IPad to take to homes with me & check it out to families to try. I am finding some great resource Apps for these kids. Having this resource would make it possible to share more with my families. Thank you for this opportunity!

  125. Kimberly says:

    Thank you for all you do and for the awesome Newsletters! I would love to have the iPad for my 16 yr old Autistic son! It could help with his school among a ton of apps to help with his socialization & regulation!

  126. Thank you for doing this! It is such a wonderful opportunity for someone to win an iPad that would not otherwise be able to have one. I have three young daughters, twin 4 year olds and a five year old. One of the twins had a massive stroke in my second trimester of pregnancy. She has hemiplegic CP and epilepsy. She is a “forced lefty” because of her stroke. She has both physical and intellectual challenges and having an iPad with so many wonderful apps would really help her out.

  127. Heather Bain says:

    Well, my beautiful 8 year old daughter with CP has tried so hard to get an IPad. When we saw that she could earn one by selling 2014 boxes of girl scout cookies, we jumped at the chance. We were in the trenches(outside grocery stores…BRRRRR!) every weekend, we bugged everyone we knew and may have made a few threats, but she only sold a little under 900 boxes. Still pretty good, though. She uses one at school, and it has helped her so much. Thanks for the chance to get an IPad. I wish every child with special needs could have one. God bless you for all you do!

  128. Diane says:

    I am an OT in the schools and a mother of an 11 Year Old who has Asperger’s I recently obtained a grant to help start up the Zones of Regulation in a couple of our elementary schools for teaching regular and special education students about regulation and social thinking. In such a short time kids have learned so much and teachers are learning new strategies daily. An iPad could facilitate so many things like progressive relaxation, breathing, zones of regulation app, emotion detective app, visuals for communication and regulation and video modeling at the fingertips of students would help so much. This iPad would allow for these regulation strategies to be taught in meaningful and engaging ways. My son does not qualify for speech language services in the school and we have discontinued (reluctantly) our RDI therapy because insurance does not cover it. An iPad mini alone would allow for portable video modeling, calm down techniques, multi-sensory learning (videos/apps), access to hidden curriculum/idioms etc. at his finger tips to help him learn by feeling competent and successful and us teach him independency in using tools such as an iPad for self monitoring, coping, journaling, video models, and social stories.

  129. Amanda says:

    i am autistic i really want to win a iPad

  130. Tammy Pointer says:

    Makayla who has down syndrome has been recently diganoised with adhd also. She uses an i pad at school and loves dong her work on t. i know if she had ne at home it would make her transition to her new school next year so much smoother. Thank you for all you do for these children.

  131. Jesse Pierson says:

    Thanks so much for doing this for all the kids. You’re giving a wonderful opportunity to kids who will benefit from it.

  132. Silas Brown says:

    Thank you A4CWSN for this incredible opportunity! Right now we are applying for funding for Proloquo2Go and this would be a perfect device to use it on for Silas, my warrior son with Spastic Quad CP and CVI! Keep up the amazing work your foundation is doing!

  133. dawn says:

    Great site and an amazing opportunity to help others. :)

  134. Edwina M says:

    We homeschool our 11 yr old autistic son who used to be in speech therapy. We had to stop therapy a few months ago because we couldn’t afford the gas and co-payments twice a week. Right now, we’ve been doing the exercises his therapist gave us to do with him until we can hopefully get him approved for a program our state has for families in our situation! An Ipad would be so helpful with apps she told us about, but since we don’t have one, we can’t do those exercises. I suppose an Ipad would also give us something for our grand daughter and grand son to do something on when we’re at church or all of them would have something to do at other appointments too. The options are limitless! I’m sure there are others in the same kind of situations as we are so even if we weren’t able to win one, I’m sure whoever gets one would benefit greatly.

  135. Alyshia says:

    My son just had his cleft repair this weekend and it has been a struggle we are really hopeful that he will be able to communicate with us soon. I would love to win this to help with his progress at home because of are situation its hard to have tons of help with speech therapy.

  136. April Lott says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  137. Stacey says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to improve my daughters life.

  138. Patricia o says:

    Thanks for another chance!!

  139. Jessica Lambrecht says:

    Our son has excelled in speech therapy w/ the use of an I.pad and he was picked in his kindergardem class to work with their I.pad. I know if we had one at home too we could make his improvment come full circle. He loves using an I.pad and I can only imagine how he’d benefit if he had one at home! Thank you! Have a blessed weekend!

    • Patricia o says:

      There are alot of great apps for work with speech, language and vocabulary! It’s why we had originally gotten one for our daughter (refurbished 1st edition). I wish we still had it! Good luck!

  140. Taye says:

    thank you for this opportunity.

  141. Mandy says:

    This would be awesome for my son who has ASD. You are doing a great job.

  142. Traci Collinsworth says:

    I feel like a kid in a candy store on this site….I could spend all day here! Thank you!

  143. Karen Kline says:

    Thanks for ALL you do!!!!!!

  144. Tiffaney Hackley says:

    You are so giving…..this woukd be great…..

  145. Thanks for putting them in one spot.

  146. Jackie Holmes says:

    Thanks so much for this opportunity !! :) Have children with Autism, CP, Severe Speech delay, social anxiety, ADD/ADHD, OCD etc etc, so this would be great for any/all of them. Thanks for everything you do!

  147. JENN OWENSBY says:

    Fantastic & amazing work you are doing for this community by providing our kiddos with a tool to both learn and have a voice with. Thank you for all you do!

  148. Robin says:

    This is such a great way to receive an ipad. I know whoever is blessed with one will be one more person blessed with a special gift.

  149. Donna hill says:

    Fantastic work you are doing for this community by providing these children with a tool to learn and have a voice with. Thanks

  150. Melanie Hawk says:

    Thank you so much for all that you do! It is amazing. I am so grateful for the information and knowledge that you share. Thank you again! :-)

  151. Julianne fitzsimmons says:

    Hi thank you so much for allowing me to enter your great iPad give away . My son is 7 and has Down syndrome. My son is at a disadvantage with his daily social skills due to delayed speech and having use of a iPad would provide him with a opportunity to improve/ help him with motor skills and most importantly his ability to communicate. Also it would provide him with hours of fun

  152. Debra Fazio says:

    my son has cerebral palsy and has never met any of his IPP goals in communication we are in need of a I pad for more stimulated language apps instead of the old method of touch talker.

  153. Denelee Thomas says:

    Great opportunities and such a great website as an overall resource. Keep it up!

  154. Jaime Stone-McEnaney says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win an iPad and so much more for my boys. You do so many wonderful and inspiring things for families with special needs children, thank you! You are amazing!!!

  155. Tina Johnson says:

    I’m hoping for an iPad for my son. He needs his own. He will sit for hours (which he NEVER does) and plays his fun games and learning apps.

  156. Becky Kyler-Walker says:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity, we really appreciate it.

  157. Kari Wagoner says:

    You are helping so many families. Thank you for everything you do.

  158. Pamela hood says:

    An iPad would be soo helpful to my entire family. Both my autistic,SPD, ODD, ADHD girls use one at school an has advanced so much. Having one at home would increase their skills and help them retain the info they have

  159. Michelle Michell says:

    This is an awesome giveaway for special needs children and their families:) Gary you do amazing things for our beautiful children! thank You for this awesome giveaway and the chance to help our children further:)

  160. Susan says:

    This is great that you do this to help all of us with special needs.

  161. kristen says:

    I would love this for my son!

  162. Heather W. says:

    I would love to win this iPad for my 8 year old nonverbal autistic daughter. She could use it at school to help her with basic communication such as potty-ing and expressing her wants and needs. There are so many great apps I would love for her to be able to use.

  163. beth embrey says:

    Thanks for the extra shot at a super prize— i shared!! Love the newsletter!

  164. Doris Bradds says:

    All children with special needs should be given an iPad through insurance. You are doing a wonderful job by gifting them. Thank you for the opportunity to gain one for my son.

  165. Sanda Backus says:

    Not sure if I posted on this one already but my little girl Emerald turned 5 yesterday. She is non verbal and has CFC syndrome with behavior therapy in the home due to her self harming and disrupting behaviors. They recently have returned prior to her birthday where they seemed under control for sometime. Her therapists and teachers keep recommending an iPad for speach purposes for her but we simply can’t afford one. Please give our Em this opportunity to be able to communicate with us. Thank you so much for offering this wonderful gift for those in need :-)!

  166. Jennifer Hayes says:

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  167. Michele Oremus says:

    This is a great program from someone you can tell really cares. Even though my son could use an ipad I am so glad to see all the families that receive one.

  168. Shara Kuehl says:

    Love your website and all you do to support children with special needs as well as their families and teacher/therapists. Wonderful!!

  169. Annette alutes says:

    My son who is post traumatic stress syndrome and ADHD could really use this for school, he also has learning issues. This could really make a difference for him.

  170. Terri Berden says:

    We know several of our daughters teachers who would help us put apps on an ipad that would really be helpful for her. She loves the computer. It’s a wonderful thing that you are doing for these families. God bless you.

  171. holly morgan says:

    My son max is 7 and has DS. He would benefit an ipad. This could help him with motor skills and communication. Keeping fingers crossed

  172. Kathryn Ruano says:

    Would really love one for my asd son, would be greatly appreciated, thanks for all you do for special needs kids.

  173. Katherine says:

    Thank you for giving me the chance to try an win an IPAD for my daughter who has Down Syndrome and Autistic

  174. Kris says:

    I cant begin to tell you what a gift this would be to our boys. Just praying we are chosen. God bless for all you do.

  175. Earney says:

    My daughter would benefit from having an iPad. She has cp and loves her ipod . Having sômething larger than her ipod would bring her so much joy.

  176. Mary Subra says:

    Love what ya’all do!

  177. kimberly williams says:

    I also commented when I viewed the apps which there can be 20 chosen from that list. Again thanks to the developers. I would love to get this for my daughter Tara, who is non-verbal.

  178. Michele Szper says:

    My 5 year old son has SPD and PDD NOS, this would be a blessing to have for him. Thank you for the opportunity!

  179. April Anderson says:

    this would be really great for my son. He has classic autism and his speech teacher uses her ipad with him and he has progressed a lot and told me I should get on for him to use at home.

  180. elizabeth smith says:

    My son would be greatly helped by this.

  181. I have been raising my twin grandsons since they were 3 years old ,they are 10 now . Justin has ADHD and anger issues and Ryan has aspbergers . there has been times with Justin that the only thing that will calm him down is to distract him with my cell phone . because he is either angry or hyper an iPad can help him be interested in many things it helps him forget his frustration and anger and he is able to sit still . Ryan has trouble with his reading ,speech writing,and math the times we are able to use a computer he loves it.it helps him withhis sounds and writing especially, his hand and eye coordination is poor . I hope you will consider them both .thank you

  182. Melissa says:

    I work with special needs children and would love to have an iPad to use for my therapy sessions

  183. lesa hancock says:

    My son has Autism he always has joint and muscle problems so it makes it had for him to write they have a special computer at school for him to do his work he would really be able to alot if we had ipad at home for him to be able to use .

  184. Jeannine Price says:

    My son has cp. He also is nonverbal, cant sit or stand by himself, he has a trach, g-tube, and is interested in stuff like phones and pays more attention to these types of things. He would really like an ipad and he might learn more with one.

  185. Andelia Garcia says:

    My grandson, could benefit with an ipad so much, for his verbal theraphy!! Thank you!

  186. My daughter has Rett syndrome and cannot walk, talk and her hand skills are weak… it is a rare neurological condition and affects her ability to live a quality life… an I-pad would help her develop hand skills by pressing on screen and also play activity games and develp her sensory awareness by using your sensory applications..she could also develop communication with the MY FIRST AAC software where she could choose what to do in the day..this would allow her to make choices.

  187. Tricia says:

    My son is 15 amazing speller and memorizing and can type like crazy on computer ( only foods and places to go)…would lobe to have something he could carry amd use the aps to learn alot of basics that he has a.hatd time with. I know he is capable of more and has more to say. This would be soooooo cool.

  188. Anna says:

    Thank you for what all that you doing and have done!

  189. Myles says:

    I really need one for school. It would help me. It would help me with my day. It would help me talk and type. It would be great.

    My son is 15 with moderate ASD in mixed class formats. It would be great – can’t get the school to purchase one but they said if we got it, they would use it.

  190. Rebecca Burton says:

    Thank you for giving families with special needs children a chance to win a IPAD!!!!

  191. Our daughter who is delayed in speech would really benefit from an IPAD – each time we go window shopping – we always stop just to give her fingers some dexterity exercise as well as she tries to tell us just what she is doing and playing. It would be so great to have one for her. Thank you.

  192. Dalila Ramirez-Wells says:

    Our daughter is down syndrome and very limited speech, she is 11 years old. this would help her so much with speech, motor skills, comprehension.

  193. Sanda Backus says:

    My special needs daughter with CFC Syndrome is turning 5 on Feb 4th :-)
    She is non verbal and her speech therapist and pediatrician and teachers all say how well she would do with an iPad to communicate and diminish her tantrum behaviors. We would be so grateful if she can win one. Thank you for doing this and giving my little girl and others a chance!

  194. Kathy Phillips says:

    Jonathan uses one at school and it really helps him. If he had one at home he could continue his learning at home.

  195. Fredi Bertoli says:

    What you are doing is AMAZING!! :-)

  196. My child is a special needs with autism and bipolar. She would like to win ipad.

  197. Aashna says:

    Aashna would learn a lot with her iPad–the apps you have mentioned would be tremendously helpful. Thank you for your kind consideration!

  198. Shannon potts says:

    Would love to have this for my daughter Deanna legally blind delayed 6 on a 2yr old level and cp

  199. Kym says:

    My son is 4 years old and was recently diagnosed on the autism spectrum in November after his birthday. He is non verbal and has severe aggression problems. He currently uses an iPad at school and it works really well for him there. We are trying our very best to get him one for home so maybe he won’t be as aggressive, especially with his sister. Thank you for all you do and good bless everyone that has a child on the spectrum and everyone who gets involved to help with autistic children.

  200. Leanne says:

    You do such an awesome job of giving so much to the children of the world. I would be estatic if we won an ipad to support my granddaughters’ learning but I am equally happy seeing others win. All children deserve the very best in life and the difference you make daily is to be commended :)

  201. Jan Kriisa says:

    My son is non-verbal. An IPad mini would help him to be able to work on ABA therapy, help him with communication, allow him some independence to make choices, use pictures and educationally work on tasks to help with learning.

  202. Kathie Hoban says:

    What a great help to my developmentally disabled son. With the attention problems he has, this certainly would be a godsend.

  203. Kathie Hoban says:

    What a great help to my devlopmentally disabled son. With the attention problems he has, this certainly would be a godsend.

  204. Jennifer Hayes says:

    Thank you for this opportunity!!

  205. Barb says:

    I’ve been on A4 for a bit now, watching with awe how people bless one another. I also have a special needs son, he’s 10 and very verbal, way too verbal! He’s agressive, has verbal and emotional outbursts – high functioning autism, ocd, mood disorder, adhd…. and they use an ipad with the kids in his self contained classroom at school. We’d love to try one for him at home, but simply as many families like us, can’t afford it. The social apps, the math apps, there are so many I see that would benefit him. And he’s such a computer guy I just know he’d flip over it. Anyway, whoever is gifted good luck – but I wanted to say that I’m honored to be a part of the site, and hope someday to be able to bless others this way too. I follow the apps for my phone and computer through itunes for what we can use now and tell others about. Thank you for what you do!!

  206. Joan Rorek says:

    I would like to see our granddaughter receive her own I-pad. She is non-verbal, doesn’t walk. She loves to use the family one, but would be a blessing for her to have her own. She understands,but can’t communicate back. This would help her so much. Than you

  207. Michael says:

    I am glad you all are here to help with this kind of thing and be supportive to the community with disabilities. It is hard when people look at your son and do not understand why he is the way he is but you know God gives us these precious gifts knowing we can take care of them and we are blessed with them and your support.

  208. Jaime Stone-McEnaney says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win for my two boys! You are amazing!

  209. Sarah says:

    My son is four and has autism. He is non verbal, but he attempts to make sounds and words. They use an IPAD at his school and his teacher, occupational therapist and speech therapist all say that he’s very responsive when it’s used. It would be wonderful if we could get one here at home for him to use. I know it would help our communication and understanding of one another. Thank you for all you do with children with special needs!

  210. holly morgan says:

    My son max has down syndrome and he would live to have iPad mini. I think he would advance so much

  211. Sarah says:

    This is so kind! Our 1 year old needs an ipad for vision therapy due to rare eye defects. The therapists said if he was autistic there is a program to get one but not for vision problems so far. So we are praying that we can get one soon for him!

  212. Laura says:

    winning an ipad for my son who is high functioning autistic would help him learn a lot

  213. Lori Newcomer says:

    A mini I-Pad would be awesome for my 9 year old with autism. It is small enough to carry out and about and it would get lots of use. My son asked for one at Christmas but we were unable to fulfill his wish as my husband is out of work. What an awesome person you are for all you do for our special children. Thank you for all that you do!

  214. Christine says:

    Such a wonderful thing you do for our Ausome Angels.

  215. Crystal says:

    The Ipad will be a great way for my 7 year old non-verbal daughter to express herself and communicate with us at home, she uses her teachers at school but can’t bring it home and she does great on it. Thank you so much for helping change the lives of so many on the spectrum.

  216. Diana Wright says:

    My son Alexander is 6 years old and this would be a great way for him to visually speak and visually learn, he has echolalia , he points to what he wants ,he is learning to verbally speak, i think this would be great way for him to expand, thankyou for the opportunity. and good luck to all. <3

  217. Steven morton says:

    My grandson Steven has fg syndrome . He learns so much from a computer or an I-pad. He would love one of his own to would with at home!

  218. jennifer says:

    I would be a great thing in our class room for medically profound children. They have all kinds of disabilities and it would be a great tool for leaning, These children are so sweet, lovable, and make you count everyday as a good one.

  219. Tammy Brown says:

    My daughter Kinlee (she will be 8 in February) has Severe Verbal Apraxia of Speech with severe verbal articulation delay and ADHD. She has wanted an ipad for years and we have been unable to afford one. Her speech therapist uses one and has suggested we get one and put Speech related apps on it. This would be a Dream come true and a HUGE BLESSING! Kinlee goes to school all year, without a summer break, and has been in intense therapy since the age of 2. She works very hard and I am so proud of her! Many thanks and good wishes to Gary! Good luck to all!

  220. Julie says:

    An ipad mini would be wonderful to use as a communication system for one of the young students on my caseload. There are several reasonably priced communication systems that can be set up on the ipad to open a child’s world of communication and reduce frustrations when not understood.

  221. Melanie Pipkins says:

    This would be. Godsend for my 17 yr old to get him caught up for graduation. He has ADhD, dyscalcua, social delay and really could use something to help his delays before getting into the real worl. Thanks

  222. Toya says:

    My son would greatly benefit from the iPad because after being in pt, OT, ABA, speech, and dt Therapies since he was 3 months old, it has been a great challenge to help him develop his learning skills. Recently he discovered what an iPad was and when I saw his reaction of happiness, amazement, and excitement, and how he focused on the learning lessons apps, I was so happy to see he actually liked the iPad and held onto it. It has been a challenge for my son’s therapists and I to get my 3 yr old son to sit down, focus, and listen as we try to teach him life skills’ lessons. He would greatly appreciate and benefit from an iPad.

  223. steven says:

    Steven.has fg as does his brother tylet. They learn do much from their ipad and steven would love to have his own at home

  224. mike dolan says:

    wonderful gift for my twins born with cleft lip palates, other developmental issues.

  225. Heather Bain says:

    I would love to be able to buy an ipad for my daughter with CP, but can’t. I appreciate the opportunity to get her one here. I wish every child who needs one could have it. It always makes my day to hear that another child received something that will change their life. Thank you.

  226. Pamela hood says:

    An iPad would be a Godsend for my autistic daughter. It would definitely change our lives for the better in so many ways

  227. Heather Howard (Rotellini) says:

    This would be do amazing for my daughters my 7 year old has epilepsy she also is dyslexic and has other. Learning disabilities as well as some vision problems and I was forced by our school district to home school her they did not want to follow the doctors instructions and told me. To move to another district I also have a 12 year old with hypertension she also is starting to have damage to the left side of her heart they have been unsuccessful at lowering her blood pressure for the last almost 3 years she also has ADHD and this iPad would help both of them for school work and would be great to be able to take to doctor appointments and to the hospital since we go there so much we are having many tests run to try and find answers this would be great her teachers said she could summit them by email to her teachers but we have no computer so she is getting behind thanks for this wonderful opportunity it would benign my girls so much

  228. Michelle Roth says:

    My son is a CHD survivor and thrives to learn. All the apps on my phone are all educational and we have used all my memory up on it….lol. It would be nice for him to have an iPad of his own. This is great what you are doing

  229. Electra Masterson says:

    Although I have “liked” all these developers in the past, I’d gladly do it again. Thank you for all you do for our kids. They are our future

  230. Wendy says:

    I would love this for my children 2 of them are on the spectrum and my youngest has ADHD and learning disabilities (I shared on Facebook)

  231. Steven morton says:

    It’s even is my grandson with fg syndrome. He loves working with the I-pad and school and would love having his own to work with at home.

  232. Karen Kessler says:

    Both my son and I are autistic.

  233. BRENDA GOUKER says:

    what a great gift.

  234. Holly D. says:

    What you do for families is great!

  235. Ellen Hammer says:

    Thank for your kindness

  236. This would be wonderful for my trach vent dependent toddler ! She is using some signs to communicate already and the adaptive communication apps in these devices would be do beneficial for her. I have had to quit working to care for her 24/7 along with our two other kids so there is no way we could ever afford something like this. What a blessing for whoever this goes too!

  237. Ginger Chiepalich says:

    This is a fantastic organization

  238. Toni Laarman says:

    What a great way to help a family out. As a mom of a child with speech, I know how hard it is to get the newest gadgets that can help your child succeed. Thanks for caring!!

  239. Shelly Johnson says:

    My 3.5yo non verbal son would benefit greatly. Therapist are using an ipad w him & he is communicating responses. Making word picture associations. And progressing well. Thanks for all these guveaways. We have yet to win but maybe one day

  240. tammy says:

    An i pad would make such a huge difference in the life of a special needs child…What up do is wonderful. Thank you

  241. Shanna Marlow says:

    It would be a wonderful blessing to receive an iPad Mini for my son who has Autism and ADHD. Thank you for this opportunity.

  242. MICHAEL says:

    After spending many days and making many more phone calls, a gift like this would defiantly help improve the lives of at least one of our patients here in our office. I currently work in a pediatric office, and it has become increasing more difficult to get help from the insurance companies when a child with autism would benefit greatly by having an IPad or one of these devices.

  243. carmen says:

    So happy to find this website with extra help for our children in special needs. My 5 year old loves playing with electronics and is been verfy helpful for him in school. I just hope he gets one for himself because i know the more he plays the more educational things he will learn

  244. Misty Moore says:

    Clevin Moore, son, is 4 yrs old. He is developmentally delayed in speech, fine and gross motor skills. The Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist feels like the ipad would be a rewarding way for my son to benefit and help him overcome some of this delays with the ipad. It would enhance his speech and eye and hand coordination. The diagnoses Clevin has is global developmental delay. We would be greatly appreciative if you would consider him. Our goal in life, for my son, for him to overcome his delays and be successful in life as he ages. God Bless!

  245. rayraycartucci says:

    Thanks so much! My son is 5 and has classic autism. This would be very helpful to us. I teach him at home and we don’t have any kind of tablet yet…I have heard great things about it from other moms. Have a great week everyone!

  246. Christine Robinson says:

    This would be a great gift for all special needs children as well as their family

  247. Debbie says:

    A4 does it again!!!

  248. melody says:

    What a great gift for a deserving family.

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