Our friends over at THE STORY MOUSE would like to offer our readers a voucher code which gives free access to three of their most popular stories.  There’s no obligation to buy anything and there’s no limit to the number of people who can use the code – it’s simply something they would  like to make available to users of a4cwsn and your friends in honor of the App party and Apps for Children with Special Needs.
Here are the details:
The code is A4CWSN
The code will give access to three stories:
Jack & the Beanstalk
The Owl & the Pussycat
Little Red Ridinghood

The code is active now, and it will work until midnight (California time) at the end of Monday 6th June, so you have until then to get your free stories.  After that time the code won’t work.
You will need the latest version of the app which can be downloaded here:
It’s important that you have the latest version installed on your devices as the voucher code system won’t work on earlier versions.
Once you have the latest version, you need to touch “info” and enter the code.  And that’s it – you can have those stories free, to keep for ever.  You can also pass the code on to family and friends – there is no restriction on use of the code as long as it’s used before midnight on the 6th.
Thank you to everyone over at The STORY MOUSE for making this all possible and allowing children around the to enjoy your fantastic stories. Please be sure to say hello and thank you to the team on their Facebook Page.
Please let them know you came from a4cwsn and the App Party


ATTENTION: For those of you that don’t have the app, we will be giving it away for FREE on 6/12 if our Facebook page has 750 likes by 9:00a on 6/11.

@ThumbArcade and @ToddParr would like to announce that June 12, 2011 is Worldwide Underwear Day! This is a special day for families worldwide to celebrate everything undies. Stop by our Facebook page to join in the fun!

We encourage children (and adults) from Portland to Poland and Memphis to Mozambique to create custom underwear using the My Underwear app for children. The app is located in the iTunes store and supports iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

My Underwear is a fun, silly & educational app from Todd Parr that is actually 4 games in 1. One of the games allows children to choose from a variety of underwear styles. Once a style is chosen, children can pick one (or many) colors and stamps to decorate their undies. They can save their custom creation to the pictures folder on the device by tapping the ‘check mark’ icon. After the undies are saved they can be emailed to WUD@thumbarcade.com. Please be sure to provide the child’s name, city, state and country (if applicable).

When all of the submissions are received, we will create an info-graphic, so that everyone around the world can see all of the wonderful creativity our children possess.

Come share your creativity and underwear with us on Worldwide Underwear Day. It’ll be an event you won’t want to miss!

PLEASE show your appreciation for Thumb Arcade and their App MY UNDERWEAR by heading over to their FB page and getting the numbers up so the entire world can have free underwear on World Underwear Day! here is the link.

Watch the Video


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