Here is your opportunity to donate to an amazing campaign, 50 iPads across 50 States for 50 Children with Special Needs.

You can already have an iPad2 and enter this but you must be willing to give it away to someone who does not have one. You may not enter if you already have one and want another one, sorry.
In return for your donation of $10 you will be eligible for the following. Sort of like a raffle, the more $10 donations you make the more times your name is entered into the draw.

1. An iPad2 64GB 3G Verizon
2. A selection of at least 20 Apps taken from the pages of a4cwsn.com
3. 8 hours with me while on the 50 iPad campaign trail. You will get to organize the day anyway you want to. We can do presentations to the community or school or we can spend the time going through any App you want to learn about. You will be able to try 10 Different iPad2 Cases and keep the one you like, the day is yours to do with as you wish and I will come along for the ride.
4. the package is worth around $2000
5. The winner will be announced on Video at a4cwsn.com and Facebook.

I will provide all of the gifts including the iPad2, every single penny raised here goes into our 50 iPad campaign.

Here are the rules for entry.

1. Have or be involved with children who have Special Needs.
2. The iPad must go to or be used with Children with Special Needs, Teachers, Therapists and schools can enter.
3. Purchase at least 1 ticket for $10, the more you purchase the bigger your chances.
4. When you purchase the ticket you must donate through Give Forward (details below) and must use the term SPECIAL iPAD when leaving a note.
5. You cannot leave an anonymous donation as I won’t know who you are.
6. If you want to donate through PayPal you may do so but it will take time for your name to show on the Give Forward page, if possible use Give Forward.(PayPal donation box is at the bottom of this page.
7. Friends and family can donate for you, they must use your name when they do so, saying it is for YOUR NAME and use the term SPECIAL iPAD.
8. At this time this is open to USA and CANADA due to the fact I will need to be present, I will however travel to other countries in the near future and hope to be able to do the same there.

This opportunity Starts RIGHT NOW and could end tomorrow or could end in 1 week or 3 weeks. One thing I will say is it won’t go past September the 1st for sure, so start out with 1 ticket and if the contest is still open next week get another and so on or just get them now so you don’t miss out!



to donate using Give Forward.

You can Donate using PayPal below, same rules apply.

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