A4cwsn to help children with special needs obtain an ipad at a more affordable price for everyone!

The way this works is as follows:

On July 1st 2011 a list will appear on a4cwsn with names of families in line for an iPad2.

This list will be in order and will show the next 3 families eligible to receive help obtaining the iPad.

The families will be informed on FB and once the first family has raised their $199 and donated it to a4cwsn, then the iPad2 will be purchased by a4cwsn and sent to them within 2 business days.

Once the first family has the iPad we remove their name from the list an add another one.

Every 3 weeks we will continue the process until we are no longer able to do so.

To be eligible you obviously must be involved with Special Needs Children, this is open to all, parents, schools, professionals and a4cwsn will have the final say as to the order of eligible candidates.

Full instructions are on the form below, please take your time and fill it in carefully.

Please only fill this in if you do not have an iPad already, you may also fill this in if you agree to send me your old iPad (in working order) and I shall give it away to a deserving family.



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