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” An essential App for all children learning to skip count, A4cwsn ”

Per your requests, Mobile Montessori is happy to present our next extension to the Hundred Board: Skip Counting!

The original Hundred Board has been used by both parents and teachers all over the world with great success!

This app is now promoted by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership as an effective app for learning number sequencing techniques!


Skip Counting will help children to grasp the concept of skip counting and the patterns they create! Skip Counting includes counting by:


The control numbers can be toggled on or off to assist children in counting out the next number in sequence.

We sincerely thank you for your business and please, see our other Montessori apps in the App Store!

Visit our website: http://www.mobilemontessori.org

App page: http://www.mobilemontessori.org/skipcounting

What’s new

With this major update you can choose to assemble the Skip Counting board using the standard automated method or manually by dragging each tile into position with your finger!

Skip Counting has been used around the world by both schools and parents. Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy this update!

Visit our website to see our entire library of educational apps: http://www.mobilemontessori.org

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