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***Take the first test for FREE! Additional tests (screeners) can be purchased within the app for only $0.99 per use.***

Test your child’s articulation and speech production and find out if they are on track for their age. It’s easy and fun!

Articulation Quick Screener is designed for PARENTS & SLPs to be used as a quick reference of whether a child’s pronunciation of the English language is delayed or age appropriate. It was created by certified speech-langauge pathologists as both an articulation screener and a measure to monitor progress in speech development.

Simply select one of four screening options based on the age of the child being tested. With a simple tap you can mark sounds as correct, incorrect or approximate.

Once the test is completed you can view a full report including:
– sounds said in error
– sound recommendations for practice at home.

If sounds are considered delayed a link is provided to contact a local speech-language pathologist for further testing and recommendations.

Speech sound norms and intelligibility measures are reported in the test results and are based on normative data available in the research. All research considered is cited in the app in the results section and in the generated email.


– Test your child based on their age
– Mark sounds correct, incorrect or approximate
– Save audio recordings & take notes
– Rate your child’s intelligibility (how well they
are understood when they speak)
– Read recommendations based the child’s age
– View all the words tested
– Record and playback voice recordings
– Review sounds in error by age of development
– Review written summary of results
– Add your own conclusions
– Email or print the test results

Articulation Quick Screener’s user friendly design and clear images, will keep your kids engaged and give you the answers you’ve been looking for.

It breaks down the test scores in a simple way that is easy to read and understand. Get confirmation on what sounds your child needs work on and whether you need to contact a speech-language pathologist for further testing.

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