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Marnie Witters, August 19, 2014
The skill of good communication is challenging, but can be even more so for adults and children with speech delays or speech communication difficulties. The Talk for Me app was created specifically by speech pathologists and speech therapists for people with language delays or difficulties. Users can access the app to communicate with pictures, phrases, and customized categories from their iPhone, iPod, or iPad.
Teachers, parents, caregivers, and therapists can also use the app to help communicate with children or adults with language delays. It includes bright graphics, voice recording ability, customizable categories, language translation, and an easy-to-use interface.

Settings allow users to select a gender and translation language. Tap the Choose Translation Language to select from more than 20 different languages. This is a great feature for users who travel or want to learn a new language.

Customize Your Categories
This feature is great because each category is customizable for a user’s specific preferences. Users can also add new categories and subcategories. Children with autism or other challenges thrive on familiarity. They love seeing places, people, and foods they’ve been to, know, or have eaten. Parents can create specific categories for home, school, or grandmother’s house and upload photos of the exact places. This helps children relate the pictures in the app to the exact location.

Tap the My TalkForMe icon at the bottom, left to see all preloaded categories. These include categories like the alphabet, counting, things I like, people, my places, road signs, family, etc. I personally like how it includes My Places and Road Signs because my son, who is autistic, loves learning directions and different road signs.

Add a new category by simply tapping the plus sign at the top, right. It prompts you to either take a photo or choose existing (photo). Tap New Category, then tap in the red rectangle to type the name of your category, and then tap Done at the top, right when you’ve finished. To record your voice, tap the microphone. If you go back to the My TalkForMe page, your new category appears at the bottom. You can add any of your categories to Favorites for easy access at any time.

If you need to translate any of your items in your categories, you have more than 20 languages to choose from. Simply select Settings, then Choose Translation Language, and select from an alphabetized list. After you’ve set it up, from the My TalkForMe page, select one of your items to hear. Tap the Talk For Me button to hear and view it in the language you selected.

This app is easy to use and customizable, which makes it great for helping users with speech delays and sure to help them feel comfortable speaking and learning new language skills.

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