” FizzBrain brings letter tracing, reading, phonics and fun together for their first Touch and Write Storybook that’s sure to become a favorite of kids everywhere, A4cwsn”

Children love “Touch and Write” – now, there’s “Touch and Write Storybook”!

“Touch and Write Storybook” was designed by classroom teachers and it is unique: on each page of the story, children master the story vocabulary using our engaging “Touch and Write” reading and writing activities. By the end of the story, children will have mastered almost 200 important vocabulary words, and learned the phonics pronunciations of each word’s letters!

In the Writing Room, children write the words from the current page of the story using fun textures like shaving cream, ketchup or jello. They learn the phonics pronunciation of each word’s letters as they write. In the Reading Room, children master reading these vocabulary words by following directions and giving the correct words to Goldilocks, Papa, Mama or Baby Bear.

In addition, “Touch and Write Storybook” includes the interactive features you expect: children can listen to the lines of the story as they are highlighted, children can tap and hear individual words, and children can tap around the illustration to learn new vocabulary. They can also take Papa’s Quiz by reading Papa’s word and tapping the correct part of the illustration. The storybook includes both “Read to Me” and “Read Myself” modes.

Just for fun, four interaction pages are spaced throughout the story. Help Goldilocks knock on the door – but watch out for characters from the wrong story! Help Goldilocks eat up her porridge – better blow on it to let it cool! Help Goldilocks rock in her rocking chair – can you rock her just right? And help Goldilocks test the beds – the sounds will tell you if a bed is too hard, too soft, or just right!

Prepare your child to become a strong reader and writer – the “Touch and Write” way!

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