“WordWorld’s Pirate Ship will take you on an exciting pirate adventure as your rhyme and spell your way across the Sea, A4cwsn

An interactive Touchable Television appisode of PBS Kids’ WordWorld. In “Pirate Ship,” the WordFriends find a message in a bottle. It’s up to you to help the WordFriends follow the clues on the treasure map and rhyme your way across the sea! Includes 8 interactive scenes. AGES 2-5.

**Supports iPad Retina, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPad Air (Does not support iPad 1) **

-Digging for buried B-O-O-K treasure in the sand
-Steering Shark across the ocean
-Finding the rhyming words on the treasure map
-Building a pirate S-H-I-P
-Jumping over falling coconuts to get to the tallest tree
-Building a K-E-Y to open the treasure chest

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PlaySquare is a content platform that houses all of our touchable television appisodes in one convenient place. Look in the iTunes store to download our complete library:
-WordWorld’s “Happy Birthday Dog”
-WordWorld’s “Pirate Ship”
-WordWorld’s “Superhero Sheep”
-WordWorld’s “A Christmas Present for Dog”

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