“A unique Math App that will challenge everyone from 5-99 with 1000 puzzles and 40 levels of difficulty, a4cwsn”

Math Rings FREE is a mathematics game containing simple number equations. Every puzzle in this game has total of four equations to be solved.

There are 17 cells arranged in a circular system. Eight cells in the outer most ring, eight cells in the middle ring and one cell at the center.

The goal of the puzzle is to arrange the circular cells in such a way that all rows solve a mathematical equation. The equations can be solved from “left to right”, “right to left”, “top to bottom”, or “bottom to top”.

The centermost cell is stationary. Cells of middle ring can be swapped with other cells from middle ring; similarly, cells of outermost ring can be swapped with other cells in the outermost ring.

When an equation is solved, the corresponding row cells turn green in color. A selected puzzle is solved once all the equations in that puzzle are solved.
Each solved puzzle is rated (1 – 5 Stars) based on how quickly the puzzle was solved.

* 40 different levels with 25 puzzles in each level.
* 1000 puzzles to be solved in this version.
* Keep track of solved puzzles with star rating.

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