” A really fun and educational word association game for kids that will help improve picture/word association, spelling and vocabulary, highly recommended, A4cwsn”

Why Buy This App?
Happi Connect & Collect is stunningly beautiful, has original little stories on all collector’s cards (in 9 languages) and the craziest navigation menu you have ever seen. And as if that wasn’t enough:
Like all Happi Papi apps, Happi Connect & Collect has no ads or In-App purchases.
Has audio feedback in your chosen language.
A smart hint system that is there to help but still encourages you to try for yourself first as it costs you valuable stars to use.
A word class button that once you master the concept will help you for free.
Whimsical and original artwork and funny names for 50+ characters.
Develops spelling, association, strategy and vocabulary skills.

How To Play
Three pictures that have something in common help you figure out the word we are looking for. Spell that word with some of the letter tiles provided.

Earn stars every time you complete a puzzle. Buy clever collector’s cards with the stars you earn. Some cards are more expensive than others.

If you manage to solve a puzzle on your own, you have the option to save your stars for later in order to afford cards that are more rare.

A built-in collector’s album has an empty space for all 50+ cards that can be won in the game. You will want to collect them all to find out their funny names and read their wacky stories.

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3 Responses to Happi Connect & Collect

  1. karen hinkle says:

    would love to try this app out looks intresting

  2. […] The second review, complete with a demo video and everything is from Apps 4 Children With Special Needs (a4cwsn.com). Please read it here. […]

  3. djFaul says:

    Can’t wait to give it a try!

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