Numerosity: Play with Addition! has received the Teachers With Apps Certified badge*!

Addition + Play = Making Math Fun!

Aimed at 6 to 8 year olds this educational math game will help kids review concepts and improve their numerical skills whilst having fun!

Did you know that addition is commutative, or that if you move one number from one side of the equal sign to the other, its sign changes?

Learn Addition by playing with the numbers and discovering all these rules by yourself, at your own pace.

Create your profile to challenge your friends! Win coins, unlock all the 20 levels, try to beat your own record and win the most challenging achievements to become a master of addition!

And, at the end of the game…SURPRISE! A fabulous certificate made especially for you to send to your parents and hang on the wall!

Come and check it out! I’d love to play and learn from you!

The Streetwise Dog

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