“A fun challenging multi – Player game for kids that challenges their visual perception, A4cwsn”

You’ll need fast fingers and a sharp eye to play this fun multiplayer matching game!

Battle with up to four players as you try to spot the matching symbols. But be warned… it’s not as easy as it looks!


In Match Blitz, players need to visually scan an array of images and symbols to find the single repeated symbol as quickly as possible. This task puts visual perceptual, memory and concentration skills to the test; all competencies vital for the development of reading and writing skills, as well as other academic tasks.

Match Blitz is accessible for kids (and adults!) of all ages. Match Blitz detects the speed of answers and adjusts the difficulty of games accordingly, so younger children can practice visual matching skills at their own pace, while those looking for more of a challenge will enjoy the increasing complexity of the puzzles.

Most importantly, though, Match Blitz is a lot of fun! With multiplayer games for up to four players, kids can battle each other and have a blast while developing their mental processing skills.Don’t let the kids have all the fun; it’s great for parents too!

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