Providing kids with high impact imagery, easy to understand vocals, dynamic transitions, along with crisp and clear typography for easy learning.

This version of PicaBook Learning: Fruit includes 20 HD fruits: apple, kiwi, banana, lime, lemon, mango, blueberries, cantaloupe, grapes, nectarine, avocado, orange, papaya, blackberries, pear, strawberry, pineapple, watermelon, pomegranate, raspberries!

Ask simple questions to help your child learn about the different fruit. Some sample questions:
“Can you find the watermelon?”
“What fruit are red?”
“Do you see any seeds?”
“Can you find the blueberries?”

How To Play:
Use the arrows to navigate through the interactive book, or swipe left or right between pages. Tapping a page will say the name of the fruit. Tap the thumbnail icon to show & hide the thumbnails from the bottom of the screen. You can also swipe up or down anywhere to toggle the thumbnails and jump to a specific fruit.

PicaBook Learning books are universal and can be installed on all your iOS devices!

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