Premium Social Pragmatics Content at your Fingertips!

Let’s be Social! targets the pragmatic skills of Recognizing Emotions, Solving Problems, Forming Friendships, and Predicting Outcomes.

Let’s be Social! comes standard with 25 high quality lessons created by licensed SLP’s. Each lesson includes walks the user through different social interactions and asks questions to help encourage retention and carryover of skills. Custom illustrations to show emotions felt and actions taken during each stage of a lesson.

We put the power in your hands! We know every child is different, so we provide the ability to create completely customized content! You can create your own lesson summaries, questions, and import your own photos. You can create entire lessons from scratch in an instant with our question creator.

Who is the app for?
Let’s be Social! was created specifically for those with autism, Asperger’s, and developmental delays.

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