The visual activity scheduler for visual learners.

Many special needs classrooms, living environments and therapy centers use some form of pictograms to help children visualize the tasks, activities and chores that make up their daily lives. Additionally, many special needs children have difficulty with transitions – managing the jump from one activity to the next. PictoPie is meant to assist them in a visual way, making use of simple drag and drop functionality so they can see what is in store for them during the course of their day, a visual timer to allow them to see how much longer they have for a particular activity and a two-minute warning to prepare them for the new transition. Included is a visual timer showing the children how many minutes remain in their current activity.

PictoPie was designed for use in the classroom and at home. It was specifically designed for special needs classrooms and other learning environments, including the home. However, more and more mainstream preschool classrooms are using pictograms to create schedules for their children.

PictoPie was developed by the mother of an autistic boy with help from his dedicated teachers at the Lighthouse School for Special Needs in the Hague, the Netherlands.

PictoPie is best used for children aged between 2-7 for mainstream locations or for special needs at any age.

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