screen568x568Jetpack Journeys is a way for pre-school and early-years children to explore and experience our solar system in a fun and imaginative way and be inspired about the wonders of Space for the very first time.

Created as a digital toy, children are encouraged to play any way they like. There are no goals, no stresses and no endings. Children are free to enjoy the environments and spend as much time as they wish in each of the three sections: Explore! Build! Collect!

5 playable characters
8 planets to land upon
Mix-and-Match Spaceship builder
Thousands of potential Spaceship combinations
Beautiful, responsive music
Animated sequences
Solar System map
Space facts
Collectible Stars

Roam the Solar System in a Jetpack Journeys Spaceship of your very own design. Fly through Space and follow the Cosmic Compass to discover the order and beauty of our eight planets. Explore! is a free-roaming environment in which children can begin to appreciate and understand where Earth is in relation to the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Learn to recognise each planet through beautiful art and associate the name for greater understanding.

NASA no longer builds Spaceships so you’re going to have to. Drag and drop pieces of Spaceship to make your very own fun Spaceship. From classic styles to giant robots and even an ice-cream, the mix-and-match Build! stage enables children to explore their creativity and aspirations. Simple enough for even the youngest fingers and fun enough for older children, Build! is a wonderful part of Jetpack Journeys.

Land on each of the eight planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) and explore their environments. Collect Spaceship parts or stars as you jetpack about with any of the five playable characters or jump straight into your Spaceship and launch into Outer Space.

Want to talk to us about space? We LOVE talking about space. You can find us over on Twitter at www.twitter.com/JetpackJourneys or you can emaildom@jetpackjourneys.com – Come and tell us about all the great things your children build or the stories they tell.

FREE BONUS MAGAZINE – download Jetpack Journeys issue 1 from our website for FREE. The Jetpack Journeys magazine is packed with stories, puzzles and facts about space. A beautiful BONUS available whether you buy our app or not! Get it now at http://bit.ly/JJ-Magazine

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