Powerful Printing is developmentally sound and supported by research and years of educational experience. The App by Write-On Handwriting fully engages students through multi-sensory instruction of letter and number patterns. The design is age neutral, provides both instruction and practice modes, and is suitable for all learners.

*iOS6 compatible only

Multi-sensory Instruction
* Kids hear and see the letter or number pattern: multi-sensory
* Arrows reinforce the pattern
* Kids trace to write the formation
* Kids have option to practice the letter or number once Learn mode is completed

Learn Mode
* Audio and visual instructions
* Star emphasizes starting point
* Arrows reinforce the pattern
* Kids immediately trace the letter or number pattern

Practice Mode
* Kids practice the pattern three times
* Arrows display for added support if traced incorrectly

Positive Reinforcement
* Immediate, fun feedback when the letter or number is successfully written
* Smiley face provides positive reinforcement and shows group or letter success

Letter Organization
* Letter and number groups are based on initial pencil stroke
* Individual listing in alphabetical and numerical order for customized learning

Key Features
* Multi-sensory learning via audio and visual instructions
* Directional arrows reinforce letter and number pattern
* Practice screen provides several opportunities to write letter or number pattern
* Immediate visual and auditory feedback
* Positive visual and auditory reinforcement
* Progress monitoring of successful letter and number pattern writing
* Personalize learning through menu screens

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