“Multiplication Table is a groundbreaking new way to visualize and interact with the multiplication table. It is quite clearly created by a lover of math who appreciates the patterns and order to be found within the discipline. The multiple exploratory ways to interact with the multiplication table will help you teach your child to think about multiplication as a visual, orderly, and most importantly – understandable concept.”

Part of a series of iDevBooks math apps

The Multiplication Table app joins 15 successful and acclaimed math apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Wired.com, iear.org, and other sites have endorsed the apps and they are used in dozens of schools. For more information please visit http://idevbooks.com

The iDevBooks math apps contain no ads, in-app purchases, or push notifications, tracking, or any kind of data collection whatsoever. The settings screen of each app contains a link to idevbooks.com website for support and feedback. For more information please see the privacy policy at idevbooks.com.

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