VAT 1Get your hands on this new professional therapy app designed to improve reading, scanning, concentration, memory, attention to detail, and speed of processing! Race against time to find letters and symbols in a field of adjustable size – perfect for rehab therapists, brain injury survivors, and special needs classrooms!

Scanning from left to right all the way across the page is an essential skill for reading, both for children learning to read and for those with brain injury causing visual or attention deficits.

This app provides systematic and customizable practice to train the eyes and brain to move correctly. It is also a great trainer for attention/concentration skills. Developed for stroke survivors and people with dyslexia by a Speech-Language Pathologist, Visual Attention TherAppy offers 2 modes:

* Test – check if there’s a problem in scanning or attention
* Practice – move left to right, finding 1 or 2 targets in order

Set Practice to Left, None, or Right to turn on/off a bright signal at the edge of the screen to draw attention to the neglected side of space. Customize the signal to match the training program already in place (red line, yellow line, flashing).

There are 12 settings of spacing/size to customize the app for the level of the user to provide between 24 & 228 items on the screen.

Email results of the test (indicates which quadrant is most often neglected) and practice to track progress in speed and accuracy over time.

No ads, no in-app purchases, no personal data collection, and links can be disabled.

This is an iPad-only app that looks beautiful on both traditional and Retina displays.

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