Review So Much 2 Say by Andrea Crislip, M.A. CCC-SLP

The So Much 2 Say app is a versatile Augmentative Communication App.
The app offers a variety of levels of communication to accommodate beginning AAC users. The app is also very reasonably priced at $24.99 (at date of review). This allows caregivers and professionals the opportunity to use this app to teach a communication system to children and adults with limited verbal abilities without making a huge investment in an AAC device. The ability to create and edit pages simply within the app is a great selling feature! It allows those with limited knowledge of AAC to quickly and easily create pages for communication.

The app allows you to create pages with 1 to 12 cards per page. The cards can also be single picture cards or category cards which open to another page of individual cards. The app comes with nearly 9000 SymbolStix® symbols AND the ability to create your own cards by taking a photo or using a photo from your own photo library. Symbols contain a variety of real pictures as well as illustrated images to represent the vocabulary. Pages and cards can quickly and easily be edited and created which is very helpful for therapist and caregivers when helping an individual in new communication opportunities. The app requires you to record a voice for each card. Pre-recorded voices are not included. Recording your own voice allows you to customize the system by using familiar voices to the child and/or using a child’s voice to represent the AAC user’s voice.

So Much 2 Say allows you to create a sentence strip for more advanced communicators. The sentence starters allow for simple beginning sentence making and you can control the number of cards that can be placed in the sentence strip. You may also choose from a large variety of premade cards that allow the child to make a comment or request by touching one card (i.e. “I want it.” Or “I am hungry.”). A unique feature to this app is the ability to drag ‘n drop cards/categories between multiple ipads running this app. This app also allows you to passcode protect the edit mode to prevent the child from altering the communication symbols.

This app would be appropriate for any non-verbal individual and individuals with limited verbal communication that are learning how to use AAC and/or individuals that require a simple AAC system that can grow with them. It would be best to use this app under the supervision of a professional that can guide the vocabulary and layout of the pages, and help to train the individual on a communication system.

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