Writing is one of the basic activities which children learn after entering school. In their exercise books and under the teacher’s supervision, they train lines, arcs, loops and many other graphomotor elements.

Although the iPad cannot teach your child the correct pencil grip or body posture, it can be a very good tool for training the shapes used in learning to write. By “finger writing”, the brain activates the same centers the child uses when writing with a pencil.

★ Includes variety of the basic shapes involved in the letters of the alphabet.

★ Developed in cooperation with special education teachers of DYS-Center®

With the application “Learning to Write with Smart Balloons” the child is practicing the basic movements of writing – from simple lines to complex curve.
Each shape training features 3 difficulty levels – full line tracing, dotted line tracing and freehand which has only a few reference points to guide the child’s hand.

★ This is part of new series of fun, educational Smart apps for pre-school children. 

★ Learning through playing. Remuneration during practicing. 

★ Entertaining for children with various effects and funny balloons!

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