Complete the patterns and develop early math skills!

Patterns by EdNinja is a fun and entertaining app developed by experienced special education teachers designed to help children improve their patterning skills which will eventually lead to early development of math skills. The objective of the game is for the player to compare, relate and select an image to fill in the blanks at the beginning, middle or end, in which children will have to analyze the pattern to complete the exercise successfully.

As a classroom and therapy tool, Patterns by EdNinja lets you turn on and off the option of adding contours, colors and shapes in your patterns. In addition, the in-game logic creates new patterns every time you play, that means that you’ll never play the same levels!

• Smart patterns. Begin with patterns made by forms, contours & colors to master the ones that alternate position, rotation & size.
• Adaptive difficulty. As your child progresses through the game the difficulty will adjust automatically.
• Track your child’s progress. You’ll have the ability to track the number of attempts to complete a specific exercise.
• English and Spanish supported. Change the game’s language at any time.
• Multiple user profiles. Create personalized players for every kid.
• Beautiful themes. Five different unlockable worlds with more to come!
• Easy to follow tutorials. A practice level is available for training.
• 60 different patterns per level (every time you play)!


✔ Develop early math skills that will lead to learning counting, addition, multiplication and telling time
✔ A perfect asset for preschool and kindergarten
✔ Improves ability to recognize patterns.
✔ Spatial-depth orientation.
✔ Visual perception and discrimination of objects, contours and colors.

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