Hit the gas and head out on the highway in the fact-packed game that turns textbook geography into an exciting cross-country adventure.

In Geography Drive USA™, knowledge fuels your car on a coast-to-coast quest to learn about the fifty U.S. states. Answer questions to unlock the airports and fuel stations essential to stay in the game. Or take a chance on a bonus delivery and earn the cash to upgrade your ride. Whatever you do, keep one eye on your fuel, because the bottom of the tank means the end of the road in the latest, fun-filled educational app from the makers of Operation Math.

Awards & Achievements:
• Editor’s Choice Award – Children’s Technology Review
• Apple New and Noteworthy
• Top 10 Education App

• The shapes, capitals, nicknames, postal abbreviations, flags, key symbols and more for all 50 U.S. states.
• National rivers, mountains, parks and time zones, along with important trails, railroads, U.S. cities and other attractions.
• Important landmarks, movements and key historical events.

• Customizable cars and player garage signs.
• The ability to track and score three different players/teams.
• A game-based newspaper with headlines that change to recognize player achievements.
• A visitor center with 50 state brochures and a large collection of regional and national maps.
• A traveling state fair and fun mini games that add to game variety.
• Fun, travel-themed music score.
• Over 750 state and national geography questions.

Geography Drive USA™ blends the facts you need with the game-play action you crave for one fun, cross-country adventure featuring:

MINI GAMES: Geography Drive USA™ includes the following exciting mini games:
The State Fair Capital Game
The State Fare State Shape Game
The Honolulu State Spelling Bee
The Flagstaff State Flag Game

VISITOR CENTER: Drop by the Visitor Center to brush up on your state facts or view a large collection of national and regional maps. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know to improve your performance on the road, including the following facts for every state:
• State capital
• State flag
• State nickname
• State tree
• State bird
• Postal abbreviation
• Total size
• Highest point
• Statehood date

TROPHIES AND HEADLINES: There are over 16 different trophies waiting to be claimed and displayed in your personal trophy case. And the biggest achievements are recognized in the Geography Drive Newspaper for all other players to see.

CUSTOMIZATION AND UPGRADES: Earn cash to upgrade your car or give it a different paint job. Or customize your garage sign with your name and fun design elements.

BEYOND THE STATES: Geography Drive USA™ includes 100 national questions designed to test your knowledge of rivers, oceans, time zones, major cities, landmarks, major geographic regions and more. You’ll even find a few major historical events thrown in, just to keep you on your toes.

TUTORIAL AND GAME PLAY TIPS: Geography Drive USA™ includes a helpful tutorial, as well as in-game tips and reminders that make the game easy to learn and fun to play — even for beginners.

A dad’s letter about his Autistic Son and this App

A few months and several hundred virtual road trips ago, my son Bodie and I came across the Geography Drive app and installed it on the family iPad. Bodie is 6 years old and is currently struggling but surviving his way through 1st grade. He was diagnosed as autistic at 18 months and my wife and I have been working with schools and specialists ever since to give him the education, social structure, and age-appropriate behaviors that do not come naturally to him. His progress has been slow and steady and while he is in the mainstream 1st grade class, he often bristles at structured learning, with a low attention span and patience for lessons or worksheets.

So along comes Geography Drive, which I had intended to be more of the speed for our 9-year old daughter, and to say that the game has unlocked something inside of Bodie would be no exaggeration. The straight-forward game play and user interface, its ability to diversify the way facts are presented and tested, and the rewards available for completing portions of the country are outstanding and ideal for children like my son that learn through a pattern of short exercises followed by a reward. Even though the questions were initially much more difficult for his age level, we required him to read or sound out the question before we would help with the answer. Rare is the morning that I am not awakened by the question “Hey Dad, what’s the capital of Vermont?” or “Where is the Chook-chee Sea?” The penultimate moment for me was about a week ago when I watched him complete the Flagstaff flag quiz and he nailed all 50 flags without any assistance or missing a single one.

There are a lot of games, apps, how-to’s, etc. out there for all kids, let alone those with special needs. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for developing one that has allowed an autistic child to connect with learning and age appropriate activities that will help him in school, and in life. We have leveraged his love of the game to work on U.S. board puzzles and to look for and recognize out of state license plates. We can’t wait to take him to all of the places he has learned about, and a few that his parents didn’t know either (Montpelier here we come!)

Keep up the great work, we are already exploring your other apps and are embarking on our first secret math missions.

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