Understand and recognize expressions by recreating them with facial features!

Expressions by EdNinja was developed by experienced autism therapists specifically for children with autism and other special needs. Expressions is simple interactive exercise designed to train and improve human emotion recognition by recreating facial expressions such as anger, fear, sadness and happiness through the correct placement of facial features – eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth.

Expressions is a valuable asset for therapists and teachers. You can create personalized player profiles and measure their progress every time they complete an exercise. In addition, the app includes a time limit, which can changed at any time for every player, designed to avoid frustration and loss of interest.


✔ Recreate facial expressions to improve emotion recognition
✔ Improved social skills
✔ Improved ability to relate with peers
✔ Useful app for therapy sessions


• Tutorials. Easy to follow instructions that show the player how to complete the exercise
• Track player’s progress. You will be able to see the number of attempts and time it took to complete a level
• Hints and clues. Every exercise offers optional hints on how to complete it, avoiding frustration and loss of interest
• Time your exercises. In the app settings, you can set a time limit in each exercise
• Rewards. After each exercise, player will be rewarded, thus reinforcing his sense of security
• Multiple profiles. Customize every player profile.
• English and Spanish supported. Change the game’s language at any time.

We believe that apps are the perfect tool to help ALL children develop their learning abilities, and at the same time provide a positive impact on the child’s academic and social skills.

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