Emotions, feelings and colors.

Discover these great Arts and social development games for kids! Top educational app to get children ready for school.
Poko, Bibi and Minus learn about emotions by watching short animated stories. They explore painting by playing with primary colors. Your child can play different games with them: by choosing little pictograms that mirror the expressed emotions or by selecting and mixing colors for Poko’s drawings.
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“I am totally impressed with the content and the quality of the app and would not only recommend it as a fun app for kids but it definitely can be used to support our special needs children with their social skills, visual attention, problem solving and even fine motor skills as well as much more.” – Appable

“This app is a great jump-start to little one’s overall kindness and coloring their world beautiful.” – Smart apps for kids

“Many children have trouble identifying their own feelings, and they certainly can’t explain them to others. iLearn with Poko: Emotions and Colors is a fun way to practice identifying feelings. It’s a great app with a useful purpose- that makes it a Top Pick on Fun Educational Apps. ” – Fun Educational Apps

“The ability to translate learning from an app to real life is fantastic! My son was engaged with watching the video and facial expressions of the characters and trying to understand which emotion they were feeling.” – The iMums

“The child development benefits are many with the expertly produced iLearn With Poko: Emotions and Colors! Relaxing and gentle activities that entice little children without frustrating them is what makes this app so special. Understanding feelings is easily explained. Blending colors is learned, but best of all, no messy clean up is needed here!” – Cool iPhone iPad apps


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Emotions! – Your child will watch a short video or an animated clip and will have to identify the emotions felt by the characters in the clip by choosing the right emoticons. Listen to Poko, Bibi and Minus’ stories and suggest the best tactics to help the characters work through their emotional situations.

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Colors! – Select, mix and apply the correct paint colors that match Poko’s artwork.

Primary skill taught: Personal and Social Development

Secondary skills:
– Problem solving
– Listening and comprehension
– Visual and kinesthetic learning
– Critical thinking (elimination process)


This app is part of the i Learn With program for kids 3 to 6, designed to get your child ready for school while having fun!
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