Help take your child’s counting skills to the next level with Count To 100!, a counting app with something every kid loves to press — elevator buttons!

We’ve transformed the 100 chart, used in schools to help develop number sense and recognition, into an interactive version to help motivate and delight your child with a friendly voice, uplifting music, and those irresistible buttons that light up.

The numbers are positioned in lines of 10s to give your child an understanding of how numbers relate to each other and how to simplify math problems. This helps your child to count in sequence from left to right, which may also help children with visual perception and motor planning challenges.

Mastering the number line and understanding the fluency of numbers will contribute to your child’s success in math-related life skills such as counting money, telling time, and reading a thermometer.


Display buttons in increments of 10 to break down learning goals into smaller steps. And for children who are ready to move on, there are options for skip counting by 2s, 5s, 10s and 25s.

There is a TAP ANY mode for exploring the numbers in any order. This mode can be used as a visual tool to illustrate math concepts such as more or less than, before or after, between, and addition and subtraction.

You can choose to turn the music, counting voice, and even the button labels on or off to suit your needs.


Count To 100! launches directly into the counting board — no start up screen or settings to play around with. The home and refresh buttons require two taps (one to activate and one to trigger) to prevent accidental presses from exiting the board. And there are no web links or in-app purchases that take you away from the app. Just launch and start counting!


Let us know how you’re using Count To 100! and any suggestions for improvements you may have. We look forward to hearing from you. Happy Counting!

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