**March Special** – For the month of March we will be offering a special promotion for the upgrade to the full version. The upgrade is $2.99 and will give you full access to all 29 of the different exercises and comprehensive statistics on your progress.

Barn Door Four (BD4) is a fun, innovative and interactive learning system specially designed for Children with Autism and other developmental disabilities and learning challenges.

It incorporates the established and proven techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy and utilizes the versatility of mobile devices, creating a complete and comprehensive learning tool!

BD4 follows four farmyard friends, each teaching different ABA learning skills throughout the farm. These characters create a fun, comfortable and interactive learning environment.

Learning Skills
Communication Skills
Fine Motor Skills
Visual Performance Skills
Sequencing Skills

This revolutionary app was created by ABA experts with over 20 years of experience. BD4 is an extensive learning tool that allows parents, teachers and other professionals to create a lesson plan that will meet each Child’s individual learning needs as they develop.

BD4 Home Edition Includes:

• 29 Different Exercises
• Ability to Customize & Save Lesson Plans
• Specialist Recommended Lesson Plans
• Comprehensive Statistics
• Fun Interactive Play Scenes
• Ability for Child to Learn Control

Note: With the Free Version you will have limited access to exercises and statistics.

Collecting data is essential for understanding how your Child is progressing as they navigate their way through the exercises. BD4 compiles meaningful, individualized data, which strategically tracks your Child’s progression as they learn from the different exercises in each lesson plan. After analyzing the data from each exercise, it may be saved for later access or emailed to a teacher, parent or other professional.

BD4 is the perfect addition to your iPad that you and your Child will both love as you lead them down the road to progress!

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