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Debra Bryant, BCaBA, LBA

$ Cost: $20

Devices: iPad – requires iOS 5.1 or later

Type of program: Articulation Flash Cards

App. Or Platform: App

Skill(s) Targeted: Articulation of all speech sounds

Age Group: Any

Developer: The Jonah Bonah Learning Company

Is there literature to support effectiveness of the program method or style?
– Yes – there is literature to support repetitive practice of sounds in words to improve articulation skills. However, the app was not developed by a Speech-Language Pathologist.

1. Does the app really teach?
a. Meaning, would the child be able to learn the concept without an adult assisting in any way? No
b. How? n/a
2. Is the app/items within the app concrete or abstract (real photos or drawings)?
a. The app contains over 700 real photos. You can also import your own photos from the camera or another file.
3. Is it easy to navigate for the child?
a. Yes. You simply select the box with your sound on the front. You can then select words based on the position of the sound in the word.
4. Are there administrative settings to allow customization in any way? Yes
a. If yes, how? You can select a male or female voice for the prompts. You can also turn the voice prompts off. There is also the ability to record your own voice as the prompt. On each picture you can add notes on the card. This allows you to enter acceptable approximations for children with limited sound repertoires. You can also add your own custom boxes. Boxes can be shared.
5. Is the administrative component easy to navigate? Yes
a. Is it intuitive on how to set it up? Easy or hard to set up? It is easy to get started with this app. All features are accessible on every page. It takes a little bit of trial and error to find the special features. All features and tabs are clearly explained in the information tab on the opening page.
b. How long would it take you to customize for a student? It would take very little time to customize for individual students. Settings and levels are simple.
c. Would you have to come back to the app several times throughout the student’s day to modify in any way? No
6. Think of logistics if you were to use this app in session or in a classroom. What would the use of this app require from the teacher? The SLP would need to select the target sound and position of sounds in the words. Then the SLP would need to sit with the student to provide feedback on their productions and collect data. You cannot save information in the app.
7. How are things presented from our point of view such as:
a. What is the field of view? n/a
b. Is there prompting, if so, what kind and when are they used? Yes. Voice prompt or a model is provided when you select a card. This feature can also be turned off.
c. Does it teach in errorless or allow for attempts and then provide error correction? n/a
d. How many items are presented for learning at one time? Picture cards are scattered across the screen. One picture is selected and then that picture is presented in isolation.
e. What teaching method is applied? (Is it mix and vary style, isolation trials, random rotation, what?) Isolation trials.
f. What type of reinforcement is provided? No reinforcement is provided.
g. Schedule of reinforcement? none
h. What is the duration of the task presented meaning how long would our student be required to attend to complete the task/lesson or learning objective? Length of task will vary depending on how many sounds you are working on and the amount to teaching/training the SLP needs to provide for each target.
i. Anything else you can think of from a programming and/or behavior analytic perspective that would be noteworthy? I can’t think of anything…
8. What age of individuals would you use the app with? Any age can use this app. It is nice that the pictures are all real images, so kids of all ages are engaged.
9. What cognitive level would you use the app with? You could use this app with any verbal student that is working on articulation skills. As long as the student is able to name the pictures they would be able to use this app.
10. Rate effectiveness in functioning for its intended use: 3
11. Ease of use overall rating 0-5: 4.5

SpeechBox™ for Speech Therapy (Apraxia, Autism, Down's Syndrome) - The Jonah Bonah Learning Company

iTunes info
SpeechBox™ is an iPad app for word practice designed to work with Children with various Speech Language delays including: Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), Autism, Down’s Syndrome, and other Speech Language disorders. Parents, Educators, Speech Therapists, etc. can work with Children and practice speaking simple words in a beautiful interface with engaging colorful pictures.

Within moments of opening the app you can get started practicing words. There are no complex menus to navigate through before being presented with the pictures. You simply tap on a box, and it displays it’s contents. Selecting a picture is as easy as moving around the pictures and tapping on the one you wish to view. When you are done with the picture you can swipe to remove it from the box or pinch it to put it back in the box.

Not only can you work with the over 700 beautiful retina quality pictures, but you can add your own pictures using the iPad’s camera or photo library. You can easily add pictures of friends, family and other common objects the child can practice with.

• Over 700 beautiful color pictures
• Retina graphics & pictures
• Simple, engaging, easy to operate interface
• Add your own pictures
• Add custom Boxes (categories)
• Share Boxes with Friends & others
• Professionally recorded word prompts
• Record custom word prompts
• Create notes for each word
• Male and Female voice prompts
• Easily hide unused pictures
• Parental lock option (hides buttons)
• Support for iOS 6
• Prompts available in US English (UK Coming soon)

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8 Responses to SpeechBox

  1. Shannon says:

    Love it. Supplements speech therapy and is a great help with reading and speaking. Thanks again.

  2. ashlee says:

    Looks like a fantastic app! I think the ability to share information and that it uses real pictures instead of drawings. Can’t wait to get an Ipad and try this out.

  3. Joyce Fruean says:

    A must-have app for any non-verbal child! GREAT app!!!

  4. Ronda Whitter says:

    Definitely something we really could use!!! And will be getting when we get an iPad!!!!

  5. Nicole Bilges says:

    I will definately be getting this app to help my 5 year old son with his speech! He has been found to have odd speech combinations.

  6. kellie Ryan Mayerhofer says:

    Wow what a great App and sound so easy to use,this will help make little ones education and communication so much easier well done :)

  7. Debbie Placek says:

    What I really like about this app is that you can share the boxes between teachers, therapist and parents. It really gives a continuation of what’s being worked on at home and school!

  8. Stephine says:

    Amazing! love it.

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