Ansel & Clair: Paul Revere’s Ride

Ansel and Clair Ride with Paul Revere is an interactive app designed by the award winning folks at Cognitive Kid. It’s a fully interactive app that takes kids back into the past to learn about how our country was founded. It is available in the App Store for the iPad2 and the New iPad. Please note this App is not compatible with the iPad 1. It is recommended for kids ages 6-12.

What kids will like about it:
Ansel and Clair speak to kids and include them in their adventures. Kids will enjoying helping and playing along. Ansel is a photographer from Outer Space and Clair is his guide. Kids have a duty to log Ansel and Clair’s adventures in their travel logs. The app asks the users to take pictures and interact with the characters and their surroundings. During Paul Revere’s retelling of the Boston Tea Party, kids can drag the tea into the ocean for a shark to eat. There is so much interactive content in this app that kids will have a hard time getting bored with it. It features original maps, artwork, music, puzzles, and even a travel log for kids to keep notes of their journey. Instead of just passively clicking Ansel and Clair Ride with Paul Revere makes kids part of the story.

What grown ups will like about it:
Too often in our test and data driven schools elementary students don’t learn enough about our nation’s history. Ansel and Clair not only teach about the founding of our nation; but do it in an engaging way. Ansel and Clair does not require in app purchases. One price and one purchase gives you access to all of the apps content. Ansel and Clair also does not allow for interaction on social media sites. So parents can be assured that their kids are learning and playing in a safe app environment.

Ansel and Clair is available now in the App store on the iPad for kids ages four and up.

Ansel & Clair: Paul Revere's Ride - Cognitive Kid, Inc.

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