Social Stories

• The most inexpensive of the storymaking apps, Social Stories is an ABA app designed to help special needs children and young adults understand social situations and give them tools to respond correctly to their environment, in their environment. Social Stories is designed to be easy to use and easy to understand.

• Social Stories is an app for teaching children or young adults with learning challenges or special needs. Social Stories is great for typically developing children, and children with developmental disabilities. These include
– speech & language impediments,
– auditory processing disorders
– down syndrome
– physical impairments
– autism

• A photo is paired with a line of text to show the child, to help visualize what they need to do or understand on each page. To create one of these stories, tap the add button in the upper right hand corner and create a new story. Stories can be an unlimited amount of pages. Import your own personal photos into the app, instead of pre-canned photos. Add titles to every page in addition to text along the bottom, and a separate title for the whole story.

• Sharing: Photo integration allows for nonverbal sharing, and for sharing across languages. You can share your stories with your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or on your monitor. You can also share stories on your TV with an Apple TV Box.

✔ Customizable text, and pictures
✔ Unlimited pages.
✔ Clearly labeled page arrows
✔ Easy-to-Use edit screen
✔ User-friendly design
✔ Import your own, personal photos
✔ Titles for each page, and the whole story
✔ Sample stories included.

Social Stories can teach a lot of necessary skills to children of all ages and development levels. These include:
• Conversational skills
• Visual support helps memory recall
• Receptive & expressive labeling
• Praising & positive reinforcement
• Proper behavior in a social situation
• Visual support helps answer questions
• Event recollection
• Narrative skills
…and lots more! This app is fully customizable by the user, so the possibilities are endless.

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  1. Pam Denzler says:

    This looks like a great app!

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