Questions2Learn helps students understand and learn how to answer functional who, what, where, and when questions. The Speech Pups, Moca and Dakota, will reinforce your students while they answer questions! Choose a category that you want to answer questions from: school, home, food & drinks, health, community, and leisure/recreational.

Questions2Learn was created by Leanne Pool, a certified speech language pathologist. Many of Leanne’s students have difficulty using their verbal abilities and/or have significant cognitive weaknesses. These students benefited from using Questions2Learn during therapy sessions.

Questions2Learn will save you time when creating activities that target answering questions. Customize your own categories of questions by typing questions that are specific for the activities you are planning. This customized feature allows you to upload images from your photo library, take pictures using the camera, and record your voice.

Another great feature of Questions2Learn is the option to modify the picture choices for each pre-programmed question. If the pre-programmed pictures are not what you would choose, you have the ability to modify them. You can either upload a picture from your photo library, take a picture, or choose a different picture from the pre-programmed picture library.

Questions2Learn allows you to adjust each student’s settings so you can work on their individual needs that change often. The data collection feature will save you time and make collecting data much easier.

What does Questions2Learn Full version offer?
• Designed by a certified speech language pathologist
• Customized feature allowing you to create your own questions
and categories using your personal images and voice
• Modify pre-preprogrammed picture choices
• Four levels: level 1: 3 pictures, level 2: 4 pictures, level 3: 5
pictures, level 4: no pictures
• Questions from 6 different categories: School, Home, Food &
Drinks, Community, Leisure/Recreational, and Health
• Who, what, where, when questions for each category, a total
of 262 questions that relate to everyday situations
• Settings that can be adjusted to meet your student’s
individual needs
o Auditory Prompt provides your student feedback if he or she
answered the question correct or incorrect
o Visual Prompt reduces the amount of picture choices, if your
student selects the incorrect answer
o Four different reinforcement types to choose from
depending on your student’s needs
o Two different reinforcement schedules: continuous or
intermittent depending on your student’s needs
o Option to turn spoken voice on or off
o Option to use visuals to help your student understand how
many questions he or she will answer
• Data collection and the option to share your student’s data via
email or print the report
• Group setting, up to 4 students in a group
• Real photos
• Real human voice
• Beautiful and vivid graphics

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