Naming TherAppy

Naming TherAppy is the best-selling word-finding app to help people with aphasia and children with special needs practice important naming and description skills, and now you can add your own images!

Stroke and brain-injured patients can now practice word-finding on their own or with a therapist with this easy-to-use app designed by a SLP. Full-color photos with real recorded voice for over 700 words are included in the app. Self-scoring in test and practice modes allow for easy documentation with a report-ready score report sent via email.

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Goal Areas:
Word-Finding, Verbal Expression, Confrontation Naming, Responsive Naming, Cued Lexical Retrieval, Semantic Memory, Repetition, Circumlocution, Describing, Semantic Feature Analysis, Expanding Expression

Useful for Helping:
Expressive Aphasia, Non-fluent Aphasia, Anomia, Broca’s Aphasia, Dementia, Cognitive-Communication Impairment, Brain Injury, Expressive Language Delay, Autism, Language Learning Disability, English as a Second Language, Special Needs Students

1) Naming Practice: 400+ pictured nouns with a cueing hierarchy and optional scoring

Evidence-Based Cueing Hierarchy:
– Description: a short definition for a semantic cue
– First Letter: the initial grapheme appears with number of letters indicated
– Whole Word: the complete written word appears on the screen
– Phrase Completion: a common phrase is heard that ends in the target word
– First Sound: the initial phonemes are heard for a phonemic cue
– Repetition: hear the word

* Scoring allows a therapist or partner to indicate when the word is correct or incorrect.

* The app records which cue was used to get the correct answers and produces a score report for email.

2) Describe: 480+ pictures with 4-6 question prompts for semantic feature analysis and expanding expression

* Hear questions prompting for information about the appearance, category, function, shape, size, color, taste, location and more!

3) Naming Test: a set presentation of 30 pictures with scoring and a report

*This is a non-standardized test intended for screening a person’s ability to name common items. It contains common and less common items of the categories contained in this app. A perfect screener!

4) Flashcards: 700+ clear, full-color pictures including verbs and adjectives; touch to hear the spoken word with the ability to add your own pictures and words for practice!

* 10 categories of nouns including animals, foods, objects, concepts, places, people, body parts and more. Select one or more to target!

* Child-friendly mode turns off references to alcohol and violence and disables links to outside sites on the home screen

* Real recorded male voice provides neutral North American English accent in slow, natural speech for easy comprehension

* Results can be e-mailed in report-ready format so clients can keep their therapist informed of their progress and therapists can send results to themselves for charting later, using the copy-and-paste ready format to decrease documentation time

* Tap is the only motion required – no dragging, swiping or pinching needed for new users and those with motor impairment

NO in-app purchase, NO ads, NO collection or sharing of private information. 50% discount for Education Volume Purchase Program

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