From the makers of the top-selling app Dexteria, P.O.V. helps develop spatial reasoning skills in kids and adults.

Spatial reasoning skills are the foundation of many important life and cognitive skills, including:

• Knowing left from right

• Understanding abstract math concepts such as shape and space

• Succeeding on standardized tests in elementary and high school

• Geometry skills

• Map reading and navigation skills

• Visual reasoning

• Verbal and non-verbal reasoning

• Geography skills

• Having a strong sense of space and time

P.O.V. is a set of 3 activities designed to teach spatial reasoning skills through fun, challenging, interactive activities.

1)Intro & Explore- Learn about the game mechanics and 4 different points of view.

2)Vantage Point – See a top view and side view of objects and choose the matching side view.

3)Make a Scene – Move the top view objects to match the side view.

Players must think their way through the activities, which get increasingly difficult as each level is mastered. Players are timed and are challenged to continually improve on their best times.

P.O.V. is designed for all learners age 8-18. Advanced 6-7 year olds may also benefit from using the app, as well as adults who are “directionally challenged.” :-)

For best results the exercises should be done on a regular basis. The activities are designed to be repeatable and engaging, and when used on a regular basis will help spatial reasoning skills improve.

The automatic tracking and reporting feature makes it easy for parents, teachers and therapists to identify time on task and progress. You can email the progress reports right from the app itself.

App Features:
• Unique interactive-viewpoint approach to developing spatial reasoning skills
• Easy to use, fun to play
• Based on sound educational principles and adapted for interactive media
• Runs on all iPads
• Randomized game play ensures kids won’t get bored
• Automatically generates usage reports
• Reports can be emailed to parents, teachers, therapists

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7 Responses to P.O.V Spatial Reasoning Skills Development

  1. Pam Denzler says:

    I found this app to be challenging enough to keep the interest of students and clients young to old! This will be a great tool in y Occupational Therapy tool box!!

  2. Tonya Johnson says:

    POV Spatial Skills

    Everyone one with an iPad should have this app! Not only does it help develop spacial skills in children, but it helps sharpen spacial skills in adults too! This app is a must!

  3. Kristina Kellogg says:

    This app is amazing! I really like how as each level progresses, the level of support provided to the user is gradually decreased, but still accessible to help the user be successful. The immediate feedback provided as the user progresses through the activities is very positive and encouraging. Thank you for creating meaningful activities to help improve spatial reasoning skills!

  4. Donna Scutaro says:

    This app is great for improving spatial skills. I especially like that when you get something wrong, it shows you the correct way to do it. Easy to navigate, great way to track progress. A must have for special ed teachers, parents and therapists.

  5. Christa Loss says:

    P.O.V. Is an excellent app for developing spacial reasoning and fine motor skills at any age.  The intro does a great job of explaining how to use the app, and the activities are challenging enough to hold attention.  The included activity log is a nice way to monitor progress over time.

  6. Jeff says:

    Just finished reviewing POV. At first I thought it was too simplistic but going through several rounds increased the challenge. I’d like to see the user have the ability to change the color of the shapes.

  7. Angela says:

    This is a great app for spacial reasoning. Not only does it show what objects look like from different angles, but it also shows different perspectives of those objects. This is a must app for those struggling with positioning.

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