Goodnight ABC is a fully interactive App that makes learning ABC and Phonics feel like playing an exciting game. Filled with colorful original art, sound effects, animals, whimsical objects, and tons of interactive features and animation on every page, the app teaches letters and letter sounds, while also providing your child with hundreds of new vocabulary words, knowledge of numbers, colors, the basics of nature, animal world, technology, and a lot more.

***** Fully supports the Retina display of the new iPad *****
***** Teaches ABCs, Phonics, word recognition, vocabulary *****
***** Hundreds of interactive elements *****
***** Interaction on every one of the 26 pages *****
***** 26 pages of amazing original art *****
***** Animation on every page *****
***** Hundreds of thrilling sound effects *****
***** Hundreds of vocabulary words spelled and sounded out *****
***** Play and Learn, Vocabulary, and Coloring options *****
***** Taps into numbers, animals, nature, and technology *****
***** Fosters imagination *****

Goodnight ABC is a remarkably imaginative, fully interactive App that is both educational and greatly entertaining. Decades of research have confirmed that a young child’s thinking ability is nurtured mainly through play. Play allows children to develop such important skills as exploration, problem solving, logic, memory, and imagination. Goodnight ABC is the perfect App for those who want to help their child gain valuable knowledge and skills while having loads fun in the process.

Goodnight ABC follows a true play and learn format that allows learning to happen naturally. Goodnight ABC is beautifully illustrated and teaming with exciting creatures and objects that children would love to explore. Your child will ace the ABCs, the basics of phonics, make countless discoveries, expand his vocabulary, sharpen problem-solving skills, and cultivate creativity with the help of vibrant graphics, exciting sound effects and delightful animation.

An animal that lives in its own ingenious micro world represents each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. Every picture is different, unconventional, beautifully illustrated, and thus never boring. Touch, tap, or drag every inch of the screen to uncover more items, set things in motion, assemble and disassemble devices, and find exciting games. Another unique feature is the ability to create nightfall by moving the sun across the horizon. When your child is done exploring each letter he can say good night to the animal and watch it fall asleep under the twinkling stars.


✓ Fully interactive
✓ Entertaining, humorous, imaginative
✓ Gorgeous colorful illustrations and animation
✓ Full of fascinating animals and curious objects to manipulate
✓ Hundreds of thrilling visual and sound effects
✓ Ability to uncover hidden items and fun games
✓ Ability to control what happens on each page
✓ Every inch of the screen is touchable – perfect for youngsters’ inquisitive minds
✓ Coloring option
✓ Vocabulary option


✓ Teachers letters, letter sounds, and word recognition
✓ Teaches hundreds of vocabulary words with the vocabulary option
✓ Teaches colors
✓ Teaches numbers
✓ Encourages interest in nature and technology
✓ Cultivates imagination and creativity
✓ Taps into your child’s artistic skills with the coloring option
✓ Encourages logical thinking
✓ Fosters problem solving
✓ Highly imaginative
✓ Great for toddlers, preschoolers, or anyone who loves to have fun

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