Much more than just a story book, this app will delight your kids with hours of exploration and play.

Kids will love My Amazing Helpful Robots, an interactive story filled with fun, dynamic activities and cute, colourful illustrations.

– Lots of interactive elements that encourage exploration and play.
– Throw objects around that bounce off each other and and interact with the environment.
– Narration and fun sound effects.
– Highlighting text to help early readers associate between the words they see and hear.
– Bright and colourful original illustrations.

My Amazing Helpful Robots is about a young boy using his vivid imagination to dream up amazing robots to do the chores.

“I want to build robots to help my family!” he exclaims. A robot to fix the car, another to cook the food, one to mow the lawn, and a robot to clean the house.

The story is about the importance of family and a young boy who imagines building friendly robots to help his family spend more time having fun together.

Each page of the story has different games for kids to discover and play. Dunk the cookies with grandma and feed the hungry boy. Go fishing with grandpa and catch fish in a barrel. Paint a picture with mum.

My Amazing Helpful Robots created by Michael and Phil. Both are industry professionals with combined experience of over 20 years in computer games, TV, software engineering and feature film.

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