Best Ways to Save Money Buying a Tablet Computer


These days, tablet computers are all the rage. Thankfully, buying a tablet doesn’t have to break the bank, and a little research on the web can go a long ways. Savings directories like Coupon Craving provide daily updated discounts for retailers. Follow the following tips and you can save big on a tablet computer!


Know what you want. One great way to save on a tablet computer is to figure out the features you want, and those that you don’t need. So before you shop, it can pay to ask some questions. For example, what do you plan on using your tablet for? Which apps might you want? Will you use a camera? And what is your budget?


Learn the lingo. Understanding the different features of various tablets also requires knowing the different terms used in the tech world. It can pay to learn the lingo. For example, some tablets offer “capacitive” touch screens. These cost more and are more sensitive and easier to use. “Resistive” touch-screens, on the other hand, are cheaper but less easy to use, and require more pressure.


Avoid old tablets. Old tablets will have older processing systems that may not work with newer apps and software. Nothing is worse than buying a tablet and then not being able to do the things you want to with it. So check the specs on any tablet and make sure it is compatible with any apps you’d like to use.


Avoid no-name brands. There are plenty of ways to find a cheap tablet that is right for you. However, no-name brands are usually not a good option. Like older tablets, many no-name brands may not be compatible with the apps you want to run. So unless you can be sure a no-name tablet is durable and can do what you want, avoid any tablet under $100 and any no-name brand. They probably are too good to be true and few will offer any tech-support.


There’s more than the I-Pad. While many still believe that Apple’s I-Pad is the best tablet around, there are a variety of quality tablets that won’t run you $500 or more. Many quality tablets can be found around the $200-$300 range. Money Crasher recommends these 4 budget tablets, and details the pros and cons of each. If you are choosing between Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet, know that the apps for these tablets are limited to their respective stores (Amazon and Barnes & Noble). So consider which store is a better fit for what you need.


There are lots of tablets out there for those on a budget. With a little research, you can find the tablet that is right for you, at an affordable price!

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