Tappie Colorit

Reviewed by Jessica Lawson
Tappie Colorit by ADUK GmbH Zanymation is an app that teaches colors, shapes and sizes in a puzzle format. Tappie Colorit is helpful for fine motor skills as well as cause and effect.

Upon opening the app, there are 9 different puzzle games with three separate shapes at the bottom. To choose a game you simply drag the correct shape from the bottom to match one of the 9 puzzles. Within each game there are four similar scenes that progress in difficulty. Level four being more challenging since there are more pieces to the puzzle than are needed. When a puzzle is completed a reinforcing cheer is given. Once all four puzzles are completed you are automatically taken back out to the main screen to choose another game. You can return to the main screen at any time during the game by pressing a button in the upper left hand corner.

Tappie Colorit is a good app for teaching early learning skills. It reinforces and teaches colors and shapes within each puzzle. Kids learn cause and effect by dragging the shapes and colors to match the object. The size of the objects are perfect for smaller fingers yet challenging enough to increase fine motor skills in young children. Tappie Colorit is a simple to use app that also encourages children to use logical thinking skills to complete each puzzle.
Overall this app is a perfect addition for anyone just starting to familiarize themselves with the iPad and for younger children to start the learning process.

Tappie Colorit is the new touch-screen application suitable for small kids aged 1 to 3 years old. Kids are encouraged to figure out simple cognitive puzzles based on shape or color.

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