Review by Jessica Lawson
Tapikeo HD– Create with your Kids their Picture Book, Storyboard, Soundboard and
Audio Flashcards by Jean-Eudes Lepelletier
Tapikeo HD is an open-ended app that allows you to create customized grids using
images, sound and text for social stories, visual schedules, flashcards and much more.
It can also be used as an inexpensive AAC app. Tapikeo HD just received a major
update and offers a multitude of creative and engaging learning opportunities.
Create personalized grids with up to 48 images with sound and captions.
Five demo grids are preloaded on this app with the option to download over 20 free
ready-to-use grids. There are 5 in-app downloads available for .99 each that include an
AAC starter pack, social story pack, animals, songs and a learning pack.
Import grids from the website www.tapikeo.com for free. Save grids and export them to
friends and family via email.
Safe mode which prevents user from deleting information from within grids or change
Shake mode which allows user to find a picture within a grid related to sound.
Language: English/French
Sound Options: Play sounds in order or together
Active Picture: No change, large picture, large picture then downsize when sound ends
Shake Mode: enabled-press the shake button to hear a random sound, then find related
Using the app
Upon opening Tapikeo HD you are taken to a page that has 16 pictures in a grid style
setting. This is the play mode. There is a toolbar at the bottom of the page that has play,
edit, grids and settings. The edit button allows you to make changes to the current grid.
The grids button takes you to a page where you can change grids or create your own.
The settings button enables you to change the features within that grid. The shake
mode is also located on the page, unless you disable it within settings, which quizzes
the user on sounds and pictures. The safety mode is found on the page as well. To lock
you simply press once. To unlock you must rapidly press the lock button 5 times within
one second. This feature makes it difficult for children(even I had difficulties) to unlock
and change or delete anything within the grid. Functionality of each grid varies greatly
as there are endless possibilities for potential uses.

In the Animal Sounds grid(demo grid included with purchase) there are 44 cells. Sixteen
cells per page each featuring a picture of a different animal. In play mode you can
simply touch a picture to hear the corresponding animal sound with the animal name
printed below. To challenge the player you can press the shake button to hear the
animal sound. The user then has to locate the correct animal that matches the sound. If
correct animal is chosen a celebratory sound is given and a place on a caterpillar at the
top of screen turns blue. If incorrect animal is chosen a buzzer sounds and the next
place on caterpillar turns pink. Time/Score is also recorded during the shake mode to
motivate the user to beat the previous score each time this grid is played. To repeat a
sound you simply press the shake button.

Another demo grid provided is used as a social story for learning to wash your hands.
When selected from the grid manager, you are taken a page with 16 cells. There are
only 12 pictures for this particular social story so the other cells are left blank. The user
is prompted, by flashing picture, to touch the first picture cell on the grid. That picture is
enlarged and a recorded voice explains the first step in washing your hands. There are
arrows that prompt changing to the next picture. Each picture has recorded voice as
well as written words which is great for non readers.
Tapikeo HD has some amazing features and the ease of use is just one of the many
benefits. There are many grids with each in-app purchase that cover a wide range of
learning tools. Learning to brush your teeth, learning emotions, animal names and sight
words are just a few examples of grids within the in-app packs. Creating new grids is
simple and just requires some creativity and planning. In order to create your own grid
all you need is a topic, some pictures and a plan of how you want to implement them
within a grid. This app has so many different uses that it is impossible to list them all. It
is a well thought out app that is well worth the price.
Wish List
Tapikeo HD just received a massive update. One of the things I would love to see in an
update would be the ability to add video clips as well as pictures. The use of video
modeling within a grid style system would be beneficial to teaching steps to those who
have a hard time understanding inferences. Upon opening the app, I would like to be
taken to the grid manager instead of the last grid or page used.

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