Simplex Spelling: Phonics 2

Reviewed by Tobi Price, assistant school principal.

Today I had the pleasure of discovering and learning with the Simplex Spelling app (Phonics 2) for iPad.
The app is designed to help kids learn spelling rules, sounds, and syllables. It is divided into lessons that individual users work through independently to master skills. This app is very well made, easy to use, and engaging. Simplex Spelling would be especially useful in the classroom for teachers. Listed are 4 reasons why teachers will love this app!

1. Differentiation
It appeals to multiple learning styles. No two kids learn the same way. Some learn by hearing. Some kids learn by seeing and others by doing. Some learn using a combination of all 3 styles. Simplex spelling app speaks to visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. There are visual clues to help spell the words. Lots of things to touch and drag. One of my favorite features is how you can replay any parts of the lessons and hear the words in their sentences as many times as you need to.

2. Progress Monitoring
Simplex Spelling allows teachers (and parents) to track their kids progress. You can set up multiple user accounts and keep track of the student’s progress through the lessons. Technology pessimists in education will say that students using iPads are just playing games. Apps, like this one, that give teachers data to show student’s progress help prove the pessimists wrong.

3. Helpful for TIER Students
Great for student’s who are working in the TIER process to improve their spelling skills. Their are over 40+ lessons in the app. That is a lot of structured content to help students improve. Couple the structured content with the progress monitoring that is already built in and you have a powerful tool to use in the classroom.

4. NO Pop ups or in app purchases.
There are NO pop up adds or in app purchases cluttering up the screen. This way students can focus on the content and teacher’s won’t have to worry.

I could list many more reasons why teachers and parents would love this app. The thing that stands out the most to me is the amount of content you are getting for the price. Most apps don’t offer as much as Simplex Spelling does. I will be sharing this with other parents and teachers in my building. This app is worth the money, and I believe will help your child.

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