Simplex Spelling: Phonics 1

Reviewed by Tobi Price, assistant school principal.

I am excited to let people know about this wonderful app. I am surprised it took me this long to finally hear about them. This app, Spell Phonics, is an app designed not to just help kids memorize words but to help them actually learn to spell.

I have to praise the developers for doing their homework on this app it has several features that make this an essential tool for learning. First, this app doesn’t have any in app purchases, pop up ads, or connection to social media. As a teacher and a special needs dad, I am so happy to know I can let my kids work on this app and not have to worry about them being exposed to something inappropriate. My son can’t speak but he sure does know how purchase apps, luckily with this app what you see is what you get. There are no in app purchases. I would rather pay one whole price in the beginning and access all the content. Simplex Spelling allows you to do that. One price lots of content!

Speaking of content there are over 40 lessons included in the app. It also includes practice for over 400 words. For the price .99 ( at the time of writing) you are going to be hard pressed to find that much meaningful content for only a dollar.

Another thing I like about Simplex apps are that they teach you how to use the app before you can just start “playing.” There is an introduction lesson that walks kids through how to use the app. My 6 year old loves being able to show me the words she has mastered. Parents or teachers can set up over 40 user accounts that allow you to keep track of the progress your child is making as the work there way through the app. Having over 40 user accounts means that one teacher can set it up for their whole class.

It is almost impossible to explain to a child with autism why an app isn’t working. I have been working my way through the simplex apps and have yet to see it crash or stall in anyway. That is a major plus. The app works consistently and is very pleasing to the eye with crisp colors and sounds. It isn’t too loud or too over-stimulating. Both of my kids with autism respond well to visual cues and have been very interested in this app.

A lot of spelling apps I have tried are good but are based on memorization. This app is focusing on helping your child learn to spell not just memorize. You get loads of content and no pop-up ads. It’s a solid buy for a classroom or for home.

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